South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Adds More EDIsecure® Printers for Licensing

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Adds More EDIsecure® Printers for Licensing

Piedmont, SC, October 17, 2008–Digital Identification Solutions, a global leader in providing ID card and high security identification solutions, recently announced that South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has ordered additional EDIsecure® XID590ie retransfer printers to complete the system wide implementation of 125 units in all 46 counties to produce the state drivers licenses and identification cards. The EDIsecure® printers will help the Department to produce even more secure driver’s licenses at each of its issuing locations.

Other jurisdictions, like the State of South Carolina, have been impressed by the reliability and trouble free operation of this license printing solution, plus its many unique options for anti-counterfeiting and encoding. South Carolina is utilizing the EDIsecure® solution in conjunction with their existing license issuing system from L1 Identity Solutions. The lifetime warranty on the print head for the EDIsecure® printers was a key factor in South Carolina’s original decision to purchase the units which are now in the departments licensing offices across the entire state.

“The reliability of the EDIsecure® solution has met all the expectations of the State of South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles,” said John Doyle, Business Development Director at Digital Identification Solutions. “They rely on our expertise and support to provide them with secure license issuing solutions,” said Doyle.

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The Digital Identification Solutions Group is a global provider of advanced identification solutions with a worldwide installed base of almost 8,000 systems. In September 2007, the Group successfully introduced the latest EDIsecure® XID 5xxie Retransfer Printer generation into the world market. The company has sales, marketing and support operations in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, China, the United States and Mexico. Together with its vast network of certified partners, Digital Identification Solutions can deliver state-of-the-art solutions virtually anywhere in the world. The company combines cutting-edge technology, extensive industry know-how and an impressive array of references in the private and public sector.

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