Take the bus, park, get petrol and pay with LEGIC®

Take the bus, park, get petrol and pay with LEGIC®

Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH announced as new license partner of LEGIC Identsystems Ltd

Zurich, October 23, 2008–LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, a leading developer of contactless Smart Card Technologies for personal identification, is further extending its network of partners with system provider Scheidt & Bachmann. This will enable Scheidt & Bachmann to now also offer its customers LEGIC based solutions as part of its comprehensive range of systems for electronic fares management, car parking/leisure facilities and petrol stations.

Scheidt & Bachmann is integrating LEGIC technology within its solutions in the areas of electronic ticketing, and access control in the leisure sector, in particular. In addition, the company is now in a position to focus increasingly on LEGIC in the realm of car park equipment, too. The installation of an e-ticketing fare management system for public transport in the city of Augsburg shows that the technology is already in prominent use.

“The collaboration with LEGIC as part of a licensing partnership enables us to provide a more exact response to our customers’ needs,” says Thomas Müller, Project Manager, Scheidt & Bachmann. “Customers will now enjoy the benefits of up-to-date LEGIC advant technology in our e-ticketing-, parking and cashless payment solutions as well as the opportunity to access secure and easy-to-use multi-applications.”

Dr Otto Eggimann, Vice President Sales and Business Development at LEGIC, is also anticipating important synergies as a result of the partnership: “In Scheidt & Bachmann, we have not just one of the leading suppliers of electronic ticketing solutions for public transport as well as leisure and parking systems. We are also able to provide end-users with an even wider selection of LEGIC based products and systems.”

About Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH

Scheidt & Bachmann, a family company, has been developing products and systems for 135 years. Today, more than 1800 employees work in four largely independent business areas, designing, manufacturing and selling system solution for car parks and leisure facilities, signal technology, fare management and petrol stations.

About LEGIC® Identsystems Ltd

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, with headquarters in Switzerland, is a leader in the design and manufacture of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. The LEGIC product portfolio includes highly integrated LEGIC RF Standard, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant read/write chip sets, security modules and transponder chips.

LEGIC Identsystems currently works with over 200 external co-operation partners world-wide who offer compatible LEGIC all-in-one-card applications including access control, e-payment, parking, e-ticketing and other multiapplications. More than 2 million readers and over 100 million credentials are successfully integrated in more than 60,000 work and leisure places worldwide.

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