Todos eCode on Proton Prisma cards

Todos eCode on Proton Prisma cards

Gothenburg, Sweden / Brussels, Belgium, March 10, 2003–The Todos eCode application, which can be added on smart cards for secure remote authentication, has now been implemented in Proton World’s Proton Prisma family of multiapplication cards (SP,BP,EP,DP, …), using the Sesame awarded EMV PLUS application.

The eCode package provided by Todos will include a Matrix application profile and key management set-up guidelines that allow a card issuer to easily add the eCode application onto his Proton Prisma EMV cards simply by using the standards-based Proton Prisma personalization process. The eCode application uses separate keys and parameters and is reached via a unique Application ID, which makes it independent of any other application, be it the EMV payment application, the Proton e-purse or any other. The Proton Prisma cards are the first EMV cards on which eCode has been implemented in this manner.

Because eCode is independent of EMV the customer can put multiple eCode authentication solutions into service, e.g. eCode on EMV card, eCode on a standalone smart card, printed One Time Codes (OTC), local authentication on SIM, authentication via SMS, all solutions being verified by the same host: Todos eCode Central System. Each user can have several eCode authentication mechanisms, for example the eCode application on a Proton Prisma card carrying a PIN protected OTC and eCode on the customer’s SIM card carrying a Challenge/Response functionality. These identification mechanisms can be used simultaneously toward the same customer id, and are independent of each other.

Per Skygebjerg, Executive Vice President, Todos Data System AB: “With this new method, a bank can easily personalize eCode on its Proton Prisma cards via the Matrix system. We have found that the second most important application after payment on a bank card is user identification. We’ve also learnt three things. Firstly, in order to reach high volume with low support cost, you must do the identification with a non-connected reader, no influence from the PC. Secondly, you need to have an identification solution that can be used over different channels i.e. Internet banking, Internet shopping, phone banking etc. Thirdly, you need to be independent of the payment application parameters such as keys and counters. With this implementation of eCode on Proton Prisma we have solved them all”

Dominique Hautain, Vice President Sales and Business Development: “An excellent cooperation between Todos Data System and Proton World has enriched the Proton Prisma product catalogue with a new application from which many of our existing and new customers will be able to profit. At the same time it adequately demonstrates that Proton Prisma is an open smart card system, on which new applications developed by issuers or any third party are easily added.”

Todos developed its first smart card terminal as early as in 1990, and has since that continued designing various products for secure authentication based on smart card, as standalone terminals as well as integrated into its telecom and datacom portfolio. Todos eCode™ consists of (1) an authentication application on a smart-or SIM-card for generation of One Time Codes (OTC), signatures, and Challenge/Responses, (2) portable readers for displaying the OTCs and entering data for PIN, Signatures and Responses, and (3) a host system for verification of the OTCs/Signatures/Responses. The eCode™ applications include e-Banking, telephone banking, m-Banking, micropayments, Intranet/LAN, and more. For more information about Todos and eCode, please visit and, or send an e-mail to


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PROTON WORLD develops, licenses and delivers high security payment and identification smart card systems based on the market-leading Proton technology. There are Proton licensees in 35 countries: together they have so far installed over 700,000 terminals, on which their 40 million cardholders perform millions of transactions each month.

Building on the solid foundations of its expertise in and its extensive network throughout the banking and finance sector as provider of the world’s most frequently-used electronic purse technology, Proton World has developed Proton Prisma, a family of products that provides a unique infrastructure for secure multiple-application smart card programmes (debit, credit, domestic and interoperable purse, PKI and others), that offers issuers a wide choice of certified hardware vendors, simplified mass personalisation, dynamically-downloadable applications and multi-vendor card sourcing. Proton Prisma implements international smart card standards, such as CEPS, EMV and GlobalPlatform.

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Proton World is a member of the ERG Group, a global technology group, and specialist in transit and multi-application systems.

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