US Payments Forum Resource Explores Convergence of Connected Car and Contextual Payments

US Payments Forum Resource Explores Convergence of Connected Car and Contextual Payments

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 2, 2024 – The U.S. Payments Forum today launches a new white paper delving into the synergy between connected cars and contextual payments. It explores real-world examples and equips stakeholders across industries with the knowledge needed to navigate this evolving landscape.

By 2030, about 95 percent of new vehicles sold globally will be connected, according to McKinsey research. This increasingly digitized ecosystem has created new opportunities to automate and integrate payment processes into driver and passenger experiences. Contextual payments are one example of payment automation. These are payments that occur without the need for customers to produce a payment instrument or engage with a merchant. For example, automatic payments after services are rendered through a ride-share app, or automatic charges when a driver passes through a toll.

Connected Car and Contextual Payments,” is a resource developed in tandem with the market’s growth to educate merchants, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and additional relevant parties. It is available to download free of charge on the U.S. Payments Forum’s website.

The white paper includes the following:

  • Introduction to connected cars/contextual payments and the transaction process
  • Examples of connected car form factors such as in-dash displays, cameras, sensors…etc.
  • Outbound payments, data monetization, infrastructure and architecture related to connected car/contextual payments
  • Implementation considerations, including card-not-present transactions, merchant category codes and alternative payment rails
  • Potential security concerns, use cases and guidance for effective authentication within the scope of connected car/contextual payments

The white paper was created through collaborative efforts within the Forum’s Mobile and Touchless Payments Working Committee. Organizations, associations, government agencies and individuals interested in participating in upcoming Forum projects can visit the Secure Technology Alliance’s website to learn how to become a member. By joining the Secure Technology Alliance, members will have access to activities within the U.S. Payments Forum and additional Alliance-affiliated organizations.

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