Walt Disney Japan and JCB Announce Marketing Alliance and Co-branded Credit Card Agreements

Walt Disney Japan and JCB Announce Marketing Alliance and Co-branded Credit Card Agreements

Tokyo, Japan, July 7, 2008–The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. and JCB Co., Ltd. today announced agreements for a marketing alliance and a co-branded credit card. The marketing alliance will allow JCB to leverage Disney content in a broad range of activities to market its payments business in Japan. Under the co-branded credit card agreement, JCB will develop and launch Japan’s first Disney-branded credit card. The agreements took effect from July 1, 2008.

Walt Disney Japan, part of worldwide entertainment-business leader Disney, and JCB, the only international credit card brand originating in Japan, look forward to building on the agreements to strengthen their partnership and increase the range of customer services they provide, as well as developing further programs leveraging the synergies between the entertainment and the payments businesses in Japan.

Current plans include:

  1. Exclusive Disney Web content for JCB cardmembers

    JCB cardmembers will gain access to a wide range of Disney content on the Internet in Japan. Plans also foresee events for JCB cardmembers on the official Disney Japan website (http://www.disney.jp). Both companies look forward to maximizing on the content of their respective websites and online customer networks to provide numerous other attractive services.

  2. JCB promotions featuring animated Disney content

    JCB will launch via multiple channels, TV commercials and other promotions featuring fun, animated Disney content. Some of the content will be specially designed for the JCB promotions.

  3. Invitations to live-action Disney performances

    Walt Disney Japan and JCB will stage exclusive events for JCB cardmembers offering chances to experience the world of Disney firsthand, including invitations to live Disney performances and Meet and Greet events featuring Disney characters in major cities throughout Japan.

  4. Japan’s first credit card for Disney fans

    In the first credit card collaboration between Disney’s entertainment business and JCB’s payment business, Walt Disney Japan and JCB will together develop unique new services. To get the ball rolling, they intend to start accepting applications for a co-brand credit card in Japan from selected customers as early as August. Applications from the public will be welcomed beginning November 18, 2008.

Disney, with its ever-popular entertainment content, and JCB, Japan’s credit-card industry pioneer, are committed to bringing customers a wide variety of new services as they develop the Disney–JCB co-branded card into Japan’s premier travel and entertainment (T&E) credit card with the cooperation of other JCB-branded card issuers, combining the magic and power of the Disney brand with JCB’s advanced, integrated payment services.

About Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.

The Walt Disney Company first entered the Japanese market in 1959. In April 2000, the Walt Disney Company integrated its Japan affiliates into a regional corporation, which it renamed the Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. (WDCJ) in August 2002. WDCJ oversees Disney’s business interests in Japan with the exception of the Tokyo Disney Resort® and Disney Store.

WDCJ has a diversified category portfolio spanning film, television, DVD and Blu-ray disc products, music, parks and resorts, consumer products, publishing, and gaming and the internet and works to derive maximum synergies among them.

In 2006, WDCJ’s film distribution division set a new record of ¥25.5 billion in box office revenue, and the DVD and Blu-ray disc unit ranked No.1 in DVD sales for the third consecutive year since 2004. Its consumer products and publication divisions continue to provide enchanting Disney-licensed products in partnership with over 500 licensees. The official Disney Mobile website, a creation of WDCJ’s internet business division, enjoys the custom of over 3.5 million registered users and has established a position for itself as one of Japan’s leading mobile services. The TV division launched Disney Channel in 2003 and a second Disney channel, Toon Disney, in 2005. Today Disney Channel is watched by some 4 million households all over Japan.

Through marketing activities strongly focused on Japan’s market and consumers, WDCJ seeks to develop and provide quality entertainment and products finely tuned to local preferences.

About JCB Co., Ltd.

JCB has highly valued Disney entertainment content, featuring it in the JCB OkiDoki Point Program1 and other promotions since 1989, when JCB was granted a Disney promotion license. JCB also signed park sponsor agreements with Tokyo Disneyland® in 1988 and Tokyo DisneySea® in 2001. With Oriental Land Co., Ltd., JCB presents attractions in both parks and conducts promotions and campaigns for cardmembers in conjunction with Tokyo Disney Resort events, including JCB Magical.2

1. The OkiDoki Point Program is one of the largest loyalty-point programs in Japan’s credit card industry, with some 2 million exchanges for rewards annually. To differentiate its program from the competition, JCB offers Disney character merchandise and Tokyo Disney Resort Passports in exchange for loyalty points.

2. JCB Magical is a highlight campaign event for JCB. Tokyo Disneyland stays open for an exclusive after-hours party for some 30,000 JCB cardmembers annually who attend by invitation only. Over a million applications were received for invitations to the 17th JCB Magical party held in 2007.

Corporate profile

Name: JCB Co., Ltd.

Established: January 25, 1961

President and CEO: Tamio Takakura

Annual Transactions: ¥7,814.7 billion (year to March 2008)

JCB cardmembers: 59.78 million (as of March 2008)

JCB merchants: 12.32 million (as of March 2008)

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