Watchdata WatchKey™ is the first PKI Token compliant with ICP in Brazil

Watchdata WatchKey™ is the first PKI Token compliant with ICP in Brazil

RSA Conference, San Francisco–02 March 2012. Watchdata Technologies announced during the RSA Security Conference that one of its global products, the “WatchKey” USB PKI security token, has successfully passed all the NSH-1 compliance tests for ICP-Brazil. This is the first USB PKI security token fully compliant with the standards established in Brazil by the ITI (National Institute of Information Technology).

This achievement is the result of Watchdata’s efforts to actively combine its international experience in PKI technology with a deep understanding of local requirements to guarantee superior security and interoperability, independent of the platform. The technical procedures, guides and norms established by ITI, comprise the Brazilian PKI requirements for cryptographic tokens to operate under the ICP-Brazil’s Root-CA certification authority. Compliance to these technical requirements is mandatory for cryptographic products used in Brazil.

“Considering the recent change in the Root CA to ICP-Brazil V2, which enforces the use of 2048 bit keys, Watchdata demonstrated paramount knowledge to anticipate and support the transition without impacting the product performance, being the first PKI USB Token fully compliant with the ICP-Brazil standards,” said Dr. Marcelo Zuffo, New Technologies Director of LSI-TEC.

“Watchdata is very pleased to be the first PKI Token solution provider to successfully pass the ICP-Brazil compliance tests,” said Dr. Jack Pan, Watchdata Vice President. “The ICP-Brazil security standards are broader than other international standards, ensuring the highest security level in the industry while also enforcing interoperability of platforms to guarantee compatibility and full adherence with the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure.”


LSI-TEC is acknowledged for contributions made to Brazilian society by researchers who, for over 30 years, have been developing high technology projects with training, research and industry relationships. It is the laboratory certified by the ITI to test and certify products to work under the Brazilian PKI. For more information, please visit

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