Watchdata Wins Asian Sesames Award With Its Dbs Live Fresh 3-In-1 Visa Credit Card Entry

Watchdata Wins Asian Sesames Award With Its Dbs Live Fresh 3-In-1 Visa Credit Card Entry

Singapore, March 18, 2010–Watchdata, one of the leading innovative data security and smart card technology solutions providers in the world, has won the prestigious Asian Sesames Award with its DBS Live Fresh 3-in-1 Visa credit card entry.

The Asian Sesames Award, in its first year launch, aims to reward the best innovative technological application developed for the Asian Pacific market in the field of smart card technology.

The DBS Live Fresh credit card embodies 3 powerful technologies in Watchdata’s TimeCOS® CeWave dual-interface technology approved by Visa for Visa Smart Debit Credit (VSDC) and payWave.

The product is also the first of its kind in Singapore and for DBS Bank Ltd. It combines EMV security, speed and convenience of Visa payWave and transport services based on Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS), with privileges centred around the interests and lifestyle of young-adult professionals, managers, executives and businesspeople (PMEBs). Consumers, who in the past needed two or more cards for various payment options, now only need one card.

Watchdata works closely with its partners such as Visa to ensure that payment and chip security comply with the most advanced smart card security standards available.

Sean Xiang Gao, Vice President of Watchdata said, “Watchdata is committed to relentless pursuit of product innovation and convergence. This time, the award for TimeCOS® CeWave is the recognition of Watchdata’s innovation and its converged solutions.”

In addition to the award ceremony held earlier this week, Watchdata is actively participating in the CARTES in Asia Hong Kong event at the AsiaWorld-Expo from March 17-18, with the theme of “Convergence in Transport”. It highlights a variety of converged solutions such as mobile payment SIMpass™, contactless online payment solution URpass™ and ETC total solution Quipass™.

About Watchdata

Watchdata is a well-established and recognized pioneer in data security and smart card technology solutions. Watchdata offerings include SIMpass™ mobile payment solution, digital signature and authentication solutions, embedded security access module and the award winning TimeCOS® operating system that is widely used in the fields of cashless payment, e-commerce, health and social services. Watchdata serves numerous markets including mobile telecommunication, transportation, social security, finance, identification, public utilities and e-government. Watchdata currently operates in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

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