Winner of Cubic’s National “I Heart My Card”

Winner of Cubic’s National “I Heart My Card”

Video Contest Decided in YouTube Voting

SAN DIEGO, Calif., January 13, 2012–Cubic Transportation Systems today announced that Morgan Crossley’s Next Stop: EASY Surfing” video has been voted the national winner in its ”I Heart My Card” transit video contest.The surfer who catches Miami Beach waves by catching the bus with his EASY Card swept all three rounds to earn a total of $8,500 in prize money from the sponsor, Cubic Transportations Systems, which awarded a total of $13,000 to winners. The social media-based contest was open to users of the Atlanta Breeze Card, Los Angeles Tap Card, Miami/South Florida Easy Card and Minneapolis Go-To Card.

Morgan Crossley’s video received nearly 1,100 votes in the final round of voting on YouTube which concluded on Dec. 14th, 2011. The final round featured seven contestant videos and had 2,765 votes and 8,021 views.

I Heart My Card” gave the public a creative platform express how their transit card makes travel and their lives and easier and more enjoyable. The contest generated nearly 30,000 views.

“This contest was really fun and exciting for me because thousands of people saw my video. I think that’s pretty cool and I want to thank Cubic for making it possible,” said Morgan Crossley. “It’s really great that Cubic ran the contest on social media channels because that really appeals to people my age who are big users and supporters of public transit.”

“We chose the idea of a video contest and social media promotion to tap the enthusiasm young people have for public transit and new forms of payment, like contactless and mobile,” said Matt Cole, senior vice president, strategy and business development for Cubic. “Whether they focused on the economic, environmental or convenience benefits, the common theme in all these videos was public transit makes these people’s lives better.”

“We are so proud that the winner of this contest was from the Miami area,” said Miami-Dade Transit Director Ysela Llort. “Morgan’s unique and visually interesting video provides a great way to educate the community about how ‘easy’ it is to use Miami-Dade Transit with the EASY card.”

Other finalist videos included four Local Winners who each received a $1,500 prize and three Front Runner winners, whose videos held an early lead in their local contests:

  • I Love My Breeze Card: An Atlanta graduate school couple would rather use their time playing with their toddler than sitting in traffic (Atlanta Winner)

  • The Race: A Los Angeles transit rider and his TAP Card take on a runner and a fast driver – who wins? (Los Angeles Winner)

  • The Lifesaver: An eager candidate lands the big job with help from the Minneapolis Go-To Card (Minneapolis Winner)

  • Find Love at A romantic comic traces his love of his TAP Card back to their first date (Los Angeles Front Runner)

  • The Mighty Go-To Card: Love is saving the environment – and money – with his Go-To Card (Minneapolis Front Runner)

  • The Five W’s About My Breeze Card: An Atlanta resident explains the who, what, when, where and why of his Breeze Card (Atlanta Front Runner)

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