ActivCard Debuts Enterprise Access Solutions for Single Sign-On, Secure Remote Access, and Smart Card-Based ID Cards

ActivCard Debuts Enterprise Access Solutions for Single Sign-On, Secure Remote Access, and Smart Card-Based ID Cards

Integrated, Trusted Digital Identity Product Line Breaks New Ground in Easing and Securing Access to PC and Network Resources

RSA CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/–ActivCard Corp. (Nasdaq: ACTI), a global provider of strong authentication and trusted digital identity solutions, today announced availability of its modular Enterprise Access solutions for government, enterprise, and financial services. The new ActivCard integrated architecture makes it easy to securely issue, use, manage, and deploy additional components of digital identity infrastructure as needed.

The new modular ActivCard solutions cover diverse aspects of identification for users, and allow customers to start with one solution and upgrade over time. For example, a customer may decide to reduce the burdens and costs tied to password management by starting with ActivCard Single Sign-On, and then later upgrade to a secure logical access-based smart card solution. A customer might also decide to reduce expenses for managing legacy leased tokens by deploying ActivCard tokens instead as a first step–and then without disruption, easily move to Single Sign-On or to an Enterprise Access Card badge that consolidates both physical and network security credentials at a later date. The result is a solution set that offers a dramatic return on investment (ROI) by simplifying the user experience, securing access to sensitive data and applications, and streamlining administration and IT help desk functions.

ActivCard extends, and does not replace, a corporation’s existing identity management systems. Instead, the ActivCard Enterprise Access solutions complement corporate LDAP directories for user management, and integrate with most commonly used provisioning, web SSO and PKI solutions on the market. This new interoperable architecture enables organizations to maximize the benefits of Secure Remote Access, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Enterprise Access Card solutions with the following new software:

ActivCard AAA Server v6.2

  • Standards-based RADIUS and TACACS+ Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting using diverse two-factor device options including tokens, soft tokens, USB keys, and smart cards
  • Supports synchronous and challenge-response authentication with patented three-variable algorithm, providing security and lowering or eliminating re-synchs
  • Faster performance as well as distributed authentication servers scale to hundreds of thousands of users

ActivCard Single Sign-On Server v5.0

  • Centralizes password management through Enterprise SSO that strengthens security with full-length hardened passwords for commonly used enterprise applications, including Microsoft® Windows, mainframe, JAVA, and web applications–Reduces or eliminates usernames and passwords so users no longer have to remember or manage these credentials or perform several different login and sign-on tasks
  • Extends identity management functionality for a central point of administration, provisioning and issuance of user accounts and digital identity credentials–with the ability to add smart card-based authentication for greater security and convenience

ActivCard Card Management System v3.6

  • Leverages existing digital identity infrastructures through open standards support of leading directories, certificate authorities, building access systems, and provisioning systems
  • Provides unparalleled security for trusted, distributed issuance and post-issuance management of cards, digital credentials and applets
  • Supports cards from all leading smart card vendors*

ActivClient v5.0

  • Single client enables smart cards for PC and network login, secure remote access, single sign-on and a variety of desktop security functions
  • Supports the leading certificate authorities, allowing organizations to use digital certificates that are secured on smart cards
  • Extends the functionality, usability and security of ActivCard industry-leading smart card client software. ActivCard client software has been licensed to over 2.3 million users worldwide.

At their core, the ActivCard modular solutions address the essential security requirement that organizations face today: That is, to know with certainty the identity of individuals connecting to networks, services and data in today’s anytime, anywhere computing environment. The solution allows customers to alleviate risks and inefficiencies associated with vulnerable static passwords by deploying ActivCard strong authentication to secure communications. That fundamental commitment to security can be enhanced with next generation smart card technology capabilities for PKI and other secure digital identity credentials. With the new modular product design, customers gain the flexibility to add strong authentication and trusted digital identity capabilities as requirements evolve–seamlessly extending and linking to corporate directories and IT infrastructure.

“It has become clear that the corporate world needs to be as proactive as government entities in protecting assets and network boundaries from constant emerging threats. ActivCard answers that imperative with leading authentication solutions,” said Frank Bishop, ActivCard Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Whether you need to manage the proliferation of user passwords, increase network security through one-time-passwords, or deploy the non-repudiated security of PKI, ActivCard has the modular solution set to meet the needs of the organization where it is today. With this new unified line of products that evolve to address your future requirements, ActivCard offers the most comprehensive solution in the marketplace for trusted digital identity.”

The ActivCard solutions will be demonstrated in Booth # 1201 at the RSA Conference from February 23-26.

(* A list of supported smart cards is available from ActivCard Corp.)

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