HID Positions iClass&Trade; R10 Reader and 2K Card Price to Deliver Contactless Smart Card Technology for Entry-Level Access Control Applications

HID Positions iClass&Trade; R10 Reader and 2K Card Price to Deliver Contactless Smart Card Technology for Entry-Level Access Control Applications

iCLASS Standard Card and Reader Combination Provides the Same Functionality as Prox With Migration Path for Development of Additional Applications

IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2004–HID, the premier manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry, today announced it has positioned their iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card R10 reader and 2K bit (256 byte) card price for use in typical access control applications. The reader and card combination now provides a cost-effective entry-point compared to 125 KHz proximity-based products for companies seeking to implement contactless access control systems.

“This creates a fundamental shift in technology alternatives for standard access control applications. Now 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards and readers can be deployed as part of any cost-effective security system,” said Denis Hébert, president of HID. “Companies that simply need to control facility door access today will get the same basic functionality as Prox at a lower price, with the added benefits of attractive iCLASS architectural styling and enhanced card-to-reader security levels. They will also be adopting a powerful technology platform that will enable expanded functionality and implementation of biometric authentication, cashless vending, and/or logical access security applications as their future needs grow.”

The R10 read-only contactless smart card reader is based on a 13.56 MHz technology platform that meets ISO 14443A, 14443B and 15693 standards and includes a highly secure, 64-bit diversified key format for mutual authentication. The R10 reader is programmable with a command card, enabling it to be field configurable and customizable. The R10 reads standard proximity format from HID iCLASS cards, MIFARE® (serial number) and will output encoded data. It is compatible with industry standard Wiegand protocol access control panels. The R10 has a slim design, mullion-mountable indoors or out, is available in black or gray and includes a factory or field-configurable tri-color light bar and multi-tone speaker for the visually and hearing impaired and to signify status, power up and diagnostics. The R10 measures 1.90 x 4.04 x .80 inches (4.83 x 10.26 x 2.03 centimeters) and comes with a lifetime warranty.

HID R10 readers and 2K bit cards are available now through HID’s network of distributors, OEMs, and system integrators worldwide.

About HID Corporation

As the largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and cards for the security industry, HID has shipped over 150 million credentials to customers worldwide. HID pioneered the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for physical access control. Proximity and iCLASS technologies can be housed on the same credential and combined with other technologies such as magnetic stripe, barcode, or contact smart chip modules. This provides users the ability to leverage their investment in existing systems while seamlessly upgrading to new technologies and adding new applications. For increased security, users can add a photo ID or anti-counterfeiting element such as a hologram or ultraviolet ink. HID’s experience in developing card technologies enables them to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of contactless smart card technology used for applications such as access control, IT secure authentication, digital cash, the storage of biometric templates, and the storage and retrieval of critical information. For more information on HID, visit their website at http://www.hidcorp.com.

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