ActivCard Enables Trusted Secure Remote Access with New Digital Identity Devices and Industry Leading Authentication Performance

ActivCard Enables Trusted Secure Remote Access with New Digital Identity Devices and Industry Leading Authentication Performance

New ActivCard Keychain Token and ActivReader™ Solo Deliver Enhanced Mobility for Remote Access Users

New ActivPack™ AAA Server 5.3 Performance Exceeds that of the Leading Competitor

FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/–ActivCard® (Nasdaq: ACTI), a leading global provider of Secure Digital Identity and Authentication solutions today announced the worldwide availability of new Secure Remote Access solutions for government and corporate users–ActivPack™ AAA Server 5.3 software as well as the ActivCard Keychain Token and ActivReader™ Solo devices for one-time-password and smart card-based authentication. In addition to the industry leading performance of ActivPack and these new device offerings, ActivCard enables a lower total cost of ownership, while broadening the choice of easy-to-use authentication form-factors for secure dial-up, VPN, web, terminal services, and wireless LAN access.

ActivPack, a RADIUS and TACACS+ strong authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) server, protects critical assets with two-factor authentication that makes it easy and highly secure for users to prove who they are online. The breadth of devices supported by ActivPack ensures the remote access solution delivers the highest levels of flexibility and migration capability to meet the evolving multi-application identity needs in the digital enterprise. ActivCard’s newest keychain-sized authenticator, and the ActivReader Solo device for transition to smart card-based authentication, address the demand for maximum user mobility and productivity in today’s computing environment.

ActivPack AAA Server 5.3

ActivPack offers the efficiency of secure, directory-based digital identity management sought by IT managers, network security officers and system administrators for supporting large-scale strong authentication deployments of up to millions of users. Leveraging an enterprise’s existing infrastructure including LDAP directories, SQL or Oracle® databases and utilizing half the number of servers, ActivPack achieves industry leading performance and scalability–with a peak performance rate of authentication exceeding that of the leading competitor. With just three ActivPack servers, customers can support up to 226 authentications per second and populations of up to 100,000 users1–in comparison to 221 authentications per second with six servers for the leading competitor2. The new ActivPack 5.3 Web Agent for Microsoft® IIS servers streamlines access to Microsoft Outlook® Web Access and Citrix® Secure Access Manager with single-step authentication for a convenient user experience and increased security.

ActivCard Keychain Token

Authentication “On-the-Go” is now possible with ActivCard’s newest token that solves the problem of weak static passwords in a portable strong authentication device. In a new compact form-factor that conveniently attaches to the user’s keychain, this token delivers big value in securing enterprise IT access. Combined with the new ActivPack™ AAA server, ActivCard Keychain Token provides a high performance two-factor authentication solution that generates dynamic passwords. Unlike other keyfob tokens on the market, the user types their PIN into the trusted pin-pad on the device itself–instead of sending the sensitive PIN credential over the network. The solution offers the advanced security benefits of challenge/response and synchronous authentication with ActivCard’s patented three-variable algorithm: time, event, and secret key.

ActivReader Solo

ActivReader Solo allows customers who have already invested in a smart card infrastructure, or that plan to migrate to smart cards, to gain the flexibility of off-line token use. Enterprise customers need access to information from any location, however not all workstations are equipped with a smart card reader and smart card middleware–for example, airport kiosks and internet cafes. ActivPack secure remote access deployed with ActivReader Solo enables users to simply insert their smart card into the device, and type their PIN to generate a secure one-time-password–unleashing the power of the smart card for off-line authentication that is less expensive than expiring tokens. “ActivCard leading digital identity solutions deliver the speed and performance our customers demand while reducing their overall cost of ownership,” said Andy Smith, senior product marketing manager at ActivCard. “Our Secure Remote Access Solutions allow customers to have the confidence that their authentication infrastructure will perform and scale in line with their business requirements–today and in the future.”


ActivPack 5.3, ActivCard Keychain Token and ActivReader Solo are available now. For more information, call 1-800-529-9499 or 1-510-574-0100. Email:

1ActivCard Internal Testing Lab Results, November 2003

2RSA ACE/Server® 5.1 Scalability and Performance Guide*, April 2003

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