ActivCard to Enhance and Extend the Security of Citrix Computing Environments

ActivCard to Enhance and Extend the Security of Citrix Computing Environments

ActivCard® Now Offers Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication and Credential Management for Citrix® MetaFrame® Presentation Server

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/–ActivCard® (Nasdaq: ACTI), the leader in IDentity Management software (IDM) and a Premier member of the Citrix Business Alliance™ (CBA), today announced that a variety of its strong authentication methods are now supported by Citrix® MetaFrame® Presentation Server software. Citrix customers gain the flexibility to select from ActivCard software, smart cards, PKI certificates, fingerprint biometrics, one-time passwords, PINs, hardware tokens, software tokens, and USB keys to provide advanced multi-factor authentication and credential management within their Citrix environment. The following ActivCard capabilities enhance the security of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server software:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Users can be positively identified for access to Citrix-based resources via a wide range of digital identity credentials and devices
  • Secure Workstation: ActivCard smart card middleware can be configured to either lock the workstation or logout of the Citrix session upon removal of the card
  • Secure Email: During a Citrix session, ActivCard offers digital signature and encryption capabilities using smart card-based PKI credentials

Government agencies, large enterprises, healthcare, and financial services companies around the globe are moving to Citrix access infrastructure environments. With ActivCard, those organizations can conveniently add the strength of multi-factor authentication for login to Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server sessions, and extend highly secure access to networked applications.

“Multi-factor authentication, which is an important capability for protecting enterprise information, complements the strong security already offered by Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server,” said Rick Braddy, vice president of product management and architecture at Citrix. “ActivCard helps ensure that only authorized users who are positively authenticated gain access. ActivCard’s support for our software offers Citrix customers an additional level of security in providing access to business-critical applications and information.”

“As a leading distributor of Citrix solutions, Alternative Technology is pleased to see the combination of Citrix and ActivCard solutions. ActivCard identity management and strong authentication solutions enhance the security of our Citrix offering. This is particularly important for our clients in Healthcare and Homeland Security,” stated John Stubbs, vice president of business development strategies at Alternative Technology Inc., one of the leading ActivCard and thin-client/server-based computing distributors in North America.

ActivCard software provides flexible support for any Citrix implementation, enforcing strong authentication to a Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server published to a desktop, or to individual Citrix-published applications. Adding multi-factor authentication offers a higher level of security by eliminating vulnerabilities posed by static passwords that are shared, guessed, or stolen. Depending on the authentication devices selected, the solutions can be rolled out with no changes to the client configuration–enabling a fast, zero-footprint deployment. Acceptance is achieved in the organization as users quickly realize the benefits of transparent identification that is faster and more convenient for users than manually entering their usernames and passwords. Instead they can, for example, simply insert a smart card or place a finger on a sensor for streamlined access.

“For the end user, the mobility and convenience of ActivCard Gold™, Trinity™, and ActivPack™ solutions reinforce the Citrix commitment to delivering access to enterprise information and applications instantly and securely from any location, at any time,” said Ed MacBeth, senior vice president of corporate marketing and channel sales at ActivCard.

About ActivCard

ActivCard,, is the leader in IDentity Management (IDM) software for secure remote access, secure sign-on and digital ID card solutions. Our scalable IDM and strong authentication solutions are trusted by organizations–from enterprise to governments around the world. ActivCard IDM systems deliver maximum Return On Identity™ (ROI) through increased security, reduced cost, and user convenience. The modular product design allows our customers to add capabilities as required, preserving their investment.

More About ActivCard Products Supporting Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server

The following ActivCard products support the Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server and are available now.

  • Trinity Secure Sign-On v4.2
  • ActivCard Gold v2.3
  • ActivCard Gold for CAC
  • PKI v3.0
  • ActivPack AAA Server v5.2
  • ActivPack for Windows v4.5

Most enterprises have heterogeneous environments with Citrix access infrastructure used across entire divisions or departments, used enterprise- wide for access to selected resources, or used at the network perimeter. ActivCard offers a comprehensive approach, allowing a single authentication infrastructure to simultaneously secure access to both Citrix and non-Citrix based resources. Customers can use ActivCard solutions for secure access to workstations, laptops, thin clients, applications, and networks that may be outside the control of their Citrix environments. This flexibility also allows the ActivCard solution to easily support an organization’s environment as it is enhanced and extended over time. ActivCard solutions can be added quickly into mixed environments, and conform to implementation methodologies recommended by Citrix.

For more information about ActivCard solutions for Citrix, call 1-800-529-9499 or 1-510-574-0100.

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