Alacris® idNexus 3.0 for Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Now Available

Alacris® idNexus 3.0 for Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Now Available

Online update, temporary (day) cards, applet management and more, extends Alacris’ leadership in providing the most robust identity assurance lifecycle management system for deploying advanced authentication technologies in enterprise Windows environments

Ottawa, July 29, 2005–Alacris® Inc., a leading developer of certificate management and identity assurance software products, today announced that Alacris idNexus 3.0 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is now available. idNexus for Microsoft 3.0 provides extended lifecycle management support for digital certificate, smart cards and USB token based identity assurance solutions in enterprise Windows environments.

Originally launched in April 2003, Alacris idNexus for Microsoft was designed to provide robust identity assurance lifecycle management capabilities for a range of advanced authentication technologies including digital certificates and smart cards. New features available in idNexus for Microsoft 3.0 that extend these management capabilities include:

  • Online Update: idNexus 3.0 eases the implementation of the automatic update of smart card based certificates without the need to collect and reissue the smart cards, and without user intervention; thereby lowering the cost of ownership;

  • Temporary (Day) Cards: idNexus 3.0 supports the need to issue fully operational temporary day cards when a user has lost or forgotten their smart card. Issuance of temporary day cards is supported in either self-service or enrollment agent issuance models;

  • Smart Card Reuse: idNexus 3.0 maintains a complete history of all smart cards and allows previously used smart cards to be deployed safely for enrolment. idNexus’ card inventory system updates automatically on activation of the card, thereby simplifying the initial distribution of cards; and

  • Applet Management: Applet management within idNexus 3.0 supports the Global Platform 2.1 specification, permitting clients to extend their certificate and smart card management solutions today with a FIPS 201 compliant product.

“Alacris idNexus 3.0 provides the most robust identity assurance lifecycle management product commercially available for Windows centric enterprise environments–enabling commercial and government organizations to realize the benefits of deploying certificate and smart card authentication technologies, supporting the broadest range of deployment and ongoing operational support requirements,” said Conrad Bayer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Alacris. “We are excited about the additional value that idNexus 3.0 presents to our clients and extending Alacris’ leadership position within the Identity & Access Management market.”

Alacris idNexus is an identity assurance management system focusing on providing increased flexibility, maximized trust, well-planned workflow processes and robust lifecycle management functionality associated with digital identities using advanced authentication technologies including digital certificates, smart cards and USB tokens. Alacris idNexus for Microsoft is designed exclusively for Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory (AD) environments, thereby maximizing clients’ investment in Microsoft technologies to implement strong authentication infrastructures.