Giesecke & Devrient and Samsung first to introduce 512 kB SIM-platform

Giesecke & Devrient and Samsung first to introduce 512 kB SIM-platform

UniverSIM Callisto offers five different memory configurations using one basis

Munich, August 3rd, 2005–For network operators who want to launch memory intensive applications and offer an individual customer service portfolio, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), together with Samsung Electronics, is now the first to provide a 512 Kilobyte (U)SIM card. It is the latest member of the UniverSIM Callisto product family with a uniform chip platform for five different memory capacities, ranging from 32 up to 512 kB. Based on today’s Java Card technology, the new chip platform combines the advantages of an extended memory capacity with high flexibility and short time-to-market for new mobile applications and services.

The new UniverSIM Callisto 512 kB enables operators to have an extensive selection of Java card applets like information on-demand services, SIM browser solutions or mobile commerce applications on their (U)SIM card while still offering a vast memory space for user specific information like telephone numbers or short messages.

UniverSIM Callisto is not just a (U)SIM card, but a whole product family whose platform–regardless of the memory capacity selected–always remains the same. The advantage is obvious: the customer-specific card configuration can be used to a great extent when changing from one Callisto product to another offering a larger memory. In this way, the basic system always remains the same when a change is made within the Callisto product family. If network operators want to make new services and applications requiring more memory capacity available to their customers, they can rapidly switch to a Callisto card with the appropriate amount of EEPROM. The customer-specific (U)SIM configuration can be re-used or recycled to a great degree and does not have to be developed from scratch, as was previously the case. The same applies to card applications made available on the original platform that are to run on the “new” target platform. These, too, can be transferred without any modifications, making it possible for mobile network operators to launch new services, functions, and even new card platforms with greater speed and ease.

The Callisto product family is based on the latest chip series from Samsung, featuring the high performance CalmRISC™ 16bit core CPU, a crypto processor, and a high capacity EEPROM up to 512kB. The foundation is a GSM/3G Java card which, in addition to current Java Card technology, provides all relevant 3G features such as authentication for GSM and UMTS networks as well as multi application-enabled UICC. The extended technical features of the UniverSIM Callisto card family include the (U)SIM Application Toolkit (USAT) as well as Remote File Management (RFM) and Remote Applet Management (RAM), in addition to the Wireless Internet Browser (WIB 1.3) and the Over the Air Security System (OTASS) from G&D.

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