AOS-Hagenuk B.V. Joins Smart Card Alliance

AOS-Hagenuk B.V. Joins Smart Card Alliance

’s-Hertogenbosch, February 6, 2004–In a long awaited first strategic step, AOS-Hagenuk B.V. joined the Smart Card Alliance as a full member in order to establish sales, marketing and support services in the USA.

The Smart Card Alliance is a non-profit organization formed in 1992 working to accelerate the acceptance of smart card technology in the US; AOS-Hagenuk’s membership in the Alliance marks its formal entry into the US marketplace as it’s already the leading vendor in the Benelux for smart card reader systems and solutions.

Although AOS-Hagenuk B.V. may be a newer name in the North American marketplace, the company has a rich and long history in the Smart Card Industry dating back more than 15 years. The company was formed recently as a result of a merger between Art of Security B.V. and Hagenuk Smart Card Solutions B.V. in the Netherlands. AOS-Hagenuk already have an impressive installed base and portfolio of security products mainly used in financial, security and identification/authentication markets. Major banks, such as ABNAMRO, are long time customers. In the US various projects are in progress via a partnership with First Data Corporation. Our installed base today includes more than 2 million units delivered to these types of customers. By joining the Smart Card Alliance, the company intends to share its knowledge with potential partners in US and to gain recognition and acceptance of its products and expertise in the USA. At the same time we intend to actively contributing to the Alliance’s educational and common marketing activities.

“The Smart Card Alliance is the premier industry organization promoting working on the adoption and widespread usage of smart cards in standards-based smart card security schemes in the USA. By being accepted to the Alliance, it shows our customers and partners that AOS-Hagenuk is truly a respected, knowledgeable, and committed vendor of smart card technology. Participation in the Alliance allows us to quickly ramp up our activities in the US, while exchanging best practice experiences with our peers”, said Mladen Filipan C.E.O. of AOS-Hagenuk B.V.

North America continues to be one of the fastest expanding and challenging marketplaces for smart card infrastructure and applications. To harmonize further acceptance of this technology AOS-Hagenuk focuses on delivering solutions based on internationally agreed upon standards such as EMV and open platforms. “The Smart Card Alliance continues to attract leading international security solutions companies to its ranks as the demand for comprehensive smart card-based technologies in North America grows. AOS-Hagenuk B.V. brings a wealth of experience and new ideas that can benefit the US market and we welcome them as a new member”, said Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director of the Smart Card Alliance.

About AOS-Hagenuk B.V.

AOS-Hagenuk is a leading innovator and supplier of low cost multifunctional secure terminals that can be used for financial, health, security (access) and retail applications. Solutions include both on-line and off-line smart card reader systems based on leading industry standards and specifications (e.g. EMV, Common Criteria, FINREAD, etc.). In addition the company provides customized product designs such as its well known PocketID™ personal authenticator. The company delivers such end-user products through an ever expanding network of OEM partners, VARs, and specialized distributors.

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About The Smart Card Alliance

The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for profit, multi-industry association working to accelerate the widespread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology. Our membership includes leading companies in the banking, financial services, computer, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, retail and entertainment industries, as well as a number of government agencies. The convergence of these major industry players is unprecedented and represents a shared vision and commitment to providing an interoperable platform for the delivery of a new generation of products and services based on smart card technology.

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