AOS-Hagenuk teams with SCB Solutions, Inc. for smart card and secure identity systems deployment in North America

AOS-Hagenuk teams with SCB Solutions, Inc. for smart card and secure identity systems deployment in North America

Arlington, VA, USA and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, March 30, 2004–AOS-Hagenuk B.V., a leading worldwide innovator of security-based Internet appliances and secure smart card readers, appoints SCB Solutions, Inc. as a reseller of its secure smart card readers for North American market.

AOS-Hagenuk B.V. has appointed SCB Solutions, Inc. as a prime reseller of the AOSHagenuk family of readers. SCB Solutions, Inc., an integrator of smart card technologies for enterprise, health care and education markets will include AOS-Hagenuk products in its identity and authentication applications to secure computers and networks.

Today’s demand for higher security levels and prevention of identity theft demands better fraud monitoring technology. Organizations are allowing employees and client’s access to networks and to conduct transactions through multiple channels, such as the Internet, VPN and mobile phones. Insuring the identity of the client (user authentication) is essential in this process to be able to provide secured transactions.

“AOS-Hagenuk’s products provide increased authentication capabilities with an added benefit of user convenience.” says Rod Donnelly, President of SCB Solutions, Inc. “Connected or unconnected, its products offer a high level of trust to enable anywhere, anytime, access to financial services or sign online transactions. Authentication of identity has become critical in assuring privacy and transaction security. The AOS-Hagenuk readers associated with our security applications; bring to corporate America a level of security that was so far only accessible to high-end governmental systems. I am very proud to offer these products to our clients.”

“SCB Solutions” expertise and extensive experience in developing and delivering integrated smart card solutions in the growing US marketplace makes them a premier distributor for AOS-Hagenuk’s products.” says Mladen Filipan, C.E.O. of AOS-Hagenuk B.V. “In particular, SCB Solutions’ strengths in several vertical markets such as education, healthcare & insurance, and banking augment our already strong consumer banking base we’ve built up in Europe. There are many untapped smart card applications in the US that may benefit greatly from the value- added services provided by SCB Solutions. This relationship allows us to concentrate on what we do best while offering our US customers a local friendly source for our products.”

About SCB Solutions

SCB Solutions, Inc. is a distributor and an integrator of smart card and identity technologies. The company portfolio includes integrated smart card applications and products for the education, healthcare and enterprise markets. The SCB consulting practice is designed to provide strategic, technological and logistical support to enterprises considering new identification and authentication. For more information visit SCB Solutions’ web site:

About AOS-Hagenuk

AOS is a leading innovator and supplier of low cost multifunctional secure terminals that can be used for financial, health, security (access) and retail applications. Solutions include both on-line and off-line smart card reader systems based on leading industry standards and specifications (e.g. EMV, Common Criteria, FINREAD, etc.). Thus far over 2.5 million such terminals have been delivered to tier one banks in Europe alone. In addition the company provides customized product designs such as its well-known PocketID™ personal authenticator. The company delivers such end-user products through an ever expanding network of OEM partners, VARs, and specialized distributors. Press announcements, product data and other information about AOSHagenuk B.V. are available on the website

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