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Transportation providers have adopted a variety of new payment technologies – such as contactless smart cards, radio frequency tags, and mobile payments – for transit, electronic tolling, parking, and shared use transportation, making travel more convenient and efficient.

In addition to new technologies, transportation providers are also evolving business models.  In some regions, integrated payment systems let multiple transit agencies accept the same contactless smart card or mobile ticketing application.  Toll agencies, such as members of the E-ZPass Interagency Group, have adopted common toll tag technologies and share payment data to allow the same toll tag to be used in multiple states.  Recently, several transit agencies have started to implement open, account-based payment systems that enable travelers to use many types of payment media or identification credentials to access transit services.

The Secure Technology Alliance Transportation Council has been the focal point for critical discussions of new transportation payment technologies and approaches, facilitating cross-industry activities on transportation payment security and architectures.  The Council is focused on promoting the adoption and accelerating the deployment of interoperable, standards-based contactless smart card and other secure device payment systems within the transportation industry.  The Council develops industry guidance by bringing together, in an open environment, leading users and technologists from the public and private sectors to develop concepts and stimulate critical thinking to advance deployments of the technology.

Recent resources include:

In addition, the U.S. Payments Forum Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee has activities to identify possible solutions that address the challenges associated with the implementation of contactless EMV chip acceptance devices at customer points of entry (POE) within the unique retail environment of the U.S. public transit market.

Additional resources on transportation payments can be found in the Alliance Knowledge Center.