ASK launches contactless SafeID reader

ASK launches contactless SafeID reader

High speed reader for ID documents offers the same performance in ISO14443 type A and B

Sophia-Antipolis, April 05, 2005–ASK announces the availability of its new 424 kbps contactless high speed reader for secure ID documents such as passports and visas. SafeID reader is based upon the generic software and hardware platform of all ASK OEM readers, that have already been delivered by thousands in the mass transit and access control market segments.

“We have developed this new reader taking into account the specification of the ID market, offering our clients a “safe box”. SafeID reader features cryptography management, facilitating the implementation of security features such as the needed Basic Access Control feature, and brings protection against vandalism. Besides SafeID reader is the ideal answer to privacy concerns as it does not permit the reading of ID documents beyond 10 cm, says Hervé Naullet, Secure Documents marketing manager at ASK.”

ASK readers showed outstanding results in interoperability tests run in West Virginia and organized by the US department of Homeland Security under the auspices of ICAO. They bring optimal and reliable performance in terms of throughput and reading distance both in ISO14443 type A & B standards. ASK has made SafeID reader easy to use. It comes with a USB connection to ease implementation and data transfer, 3 led to allow both customs and passport holder to know when the transaction is over and a special shape to allow natural setting of the passport or ID card since it will be read and checked in a open or closed position.

This product will also come as an OEM reader to be included in an optical reader.

The SafeID reader enforces the position of ASK as the most credible partner for system integrators and printing companies worldwide for ID projects as it already delivers in volume inlays for passport covers.

About ASK

Founded in 1997, ASK is today the leading supplier of a comprehensive range of contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags and readers, complying with ISO and EPC standards. They address the mass transit, access control and e-government ID markets as well as the supply chain and logistics market. 50 million RFID cards, tickets and labels are already in use worldwide. Manufacturing is located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Local offices are based in Paris, Singapore, Taiwan and Westport, USA.