ASK to supply contactless payment cards for Singapore

ASK to supply contactless payment cards for Singapore

Partnership with Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore (NETS) signals new era for CashCard® applications

Sophia-Antipolis, March 17, 2006–ASK has been selected by NETS, Singapore’s leading electronic payments provider to supply a new generation of its contactless payment card CashCard. The CashCard e-purse was originally launched in 1996 on a contact-based smart card. With the advent of new technology, the CashCard is being re-packaged to benefit from user-friendly, speedy and reliable contactless interface.

Contactless features for added convenience

CashCard is currently used in 30,000 access points available at more than 12,500 merchants in Singapore. The new card developed by ASK combines CashCard’s existing payment features with Cepass, a new contactless payment standard. Contactless technology makes it even easier for CashCard customers to make retail purchases and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) payments, and to pay for services at supermarkets, libraries, gas stations, car parks and kiosks. NETS pioneered the concept of cashless payment in Singapore. “Like millions of consumers in Singapore, I use my CashCard every day and I will be proud to use one of our new cards in the very near future, says Kok Tian Tan, South East Sales Director, ASK.” CashCard/Cepass complies with ISO 7816 and 14443 type B standards and is based on ASK customized TanGo platform, it can work in both contact or contactless mode and thus use the already installed base of readers.

Electronic payment evolution

Banks worldwide are testing and adopting contactless technology, with important trials currently under way in North America and Asia. ASK’s experience and expertise with dual interface cards, operating systems, manufacturing processes and contactless technology is going to be a driving force in this global market. “CashCard is the first banking card that ASK will deliver on a nationwide scale, and it is a sign of things to come. We worked closely with NETS to develop a customized mask for reliable and fully interoperable contactless smart cards, compatible with all currently installed card readers,” says Patrick Sure, Cards Product Marketing Manager, ASK.”

Advanced technology

CashCard is based on ASK’s advanced TanGO platform, enhancing transaction speed and security for dual interface cards used in both contact and contactless applications. CashCard/Cepass complies with ISO7816 and 14443 type B standards.

About ASK

Founded in 1997, ASK is today a leading supplier of contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags and readers to the mass transit, access control, banking, ID, supply chain and logistics markets. More than 51 million contactless cards, tickets and RFID labels are already in service worldwide. ASK’s contactless solutions comply with ISO and EPC standards. ASK’s manufacturing center is located at the company’s headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis, France with regional offices in Paris, Singapore and Westport, USA.