Atmel Announces Highly Secure Turnkey Solution for Embedded Systems

Atmel Announces Highly Secure Turnkey Solution for Embedded Systems

The AT98SC016CU is the newest addition to the AT98SC series of royalty and license-free secure solutions

Paris and Rousset, France, November 12, 2007–Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), announced today the introduction of the AT98SC016CU, the latest member of its AT98SC family of secure solutions specifically designed to address the increasing security needs of embedded systems.

The AT98SC016CU has high security functions that provide efficient counter-measures against hacking, cloning, phishing, counterfeiting, data and IP stealing. This secure solution is thus suitable for applications such as DRM, e-tokens, gaming consoles, set-top-boxes, network appliances, metering devices, door locks, vending machines, franking machines or tachometers. The product’s wide choice of interfaces (TWI, SPI, ISO7816 for smartcard applications) makes the physical integration in any existing system fast and easy.

Designed as an outstanding cryptographic toolbox, the AT98SC016CU features powerful cryptographic algorithms such as RSA, TDES or Elliptic Curves (ECC), together with 16Kbyte tamper-proof and tamper-evident secure data storage. The solution is based on a secureAVR® microcontroller, ready for independent Common Criteria EAL4+ certification. The security module is eligible for FIPS140-2 Level 3.

The customization of the AT98SC016CU is also possible in a flash with the help of a flexible and user-friendly PC configuration software. The product does not require lengthy nor complex program development, specific expertise in security, nor heavy ROM masking. This tremendously accelerates product time-to-market, thereby offering customers a significant advance over competitors.

Eric Le Cocquen, Atmel’s Product Marketing Manager stated, “We are very proud to add the AT98SC016CU to our AT98SC product family of royalty and license-free highly secure solutions. Adding to an embedded system a security module that will, among others, effectively store sensitive data, prevent hardware counterfeiting and provide authentication services, has never been so fast and easy. With already three products available and more in development, Atmel, the leading secure microcontroller manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise in security designs, is committed to making the AT98SC family the best generic solution available on the marketplace for such applications.”


AT98SC016CU samples are now available . The AT98SC016CU is available in the small SOIC8 and QFN20 packages.

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