Fargo Announces HDPii Instant Issuance Financial Card Printer

Fargo Announces HDPii Instant Issuance Financial Card Printer

High Definition Printing now available for instant issuance of financial cards

Minneapolis, MN, November 13, 2007–Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today announced the introduction of the HDPii Financial Card Printer. Utilizing Fargo’s patented High Definition Printing (HDP) technology, the HDPii is targeted toward banks, credit unions and retailers for on-site instant issuance of debit, credit and prepaid cards.

“The HDPii sets a new standard in the instant issuance of financial and retail cards,” said Steve Blake, vice president of business development for Fargo. “Utilizing High Definition Printing, cards no longer need to be preprinted, embossed or indent printed.”

Both cardholders and financial institutions will experience advantages with the HDPii Financial Card Printer:

  • Improved Customer Experience: In a world of instant gratification, delivering a card on the spot means customers will not have to wait for days or weeks to receive their card, or be concerned that it may be lost or stolen in the mail. In addition, by printing the card’s text and images on-site, banks can offer their cardholders increased customization of the card with features like personal photos and co-branding logos.

  • Reduced costs: The HDPii can personalize all the static and variable data on a card, thereby allowing banks to dramatically reduce their SKUs of preprinted cards. This reduces their inventory costs and simplifies operations. Plus, the cost of mailing cards is eliminated.

  • Enhanced security: By decreasing the inventory of preprinted debit, credit and prepaid cards on hand, the chances of theft are reduced. And, by instantly issuing the cards, the risk of cards lost or stolen in the mail is eliminated.

  • Increased card usage: Up to 40% of cards delivered by mail are never activated and never used. By issuing the cards immediately to the customer, the activation is automatic. Plus the time from issuance to first card use is reduced from typically one to two weeks to only a day or two. That means more business for financial institutions.

  • Marketing advantages: With their image on the line, banks and retailers need vibrant colors, crisp images and over the edge printing for their cards. All this is delivered by Fargo’s HDP technology. High Definition Printing provides superior print quality, even on cards with embedded electronics, for a more impressive public image. Unlike direct dye sublimation printers, HDPii virtually matches the color, clarity and vividness of preprinted cards. And, because large minimum quantities of preprinted cards are no longer necessary, banks can develop a greater array of co-branding programs with small and mid-size companies. This increases the bank’s competitive position and increases revenue opportunities and customer loyalty.

“To maintain a competitive advantage, financial institutions and retailers need to offer their customers greater convenience and personalization,” said Blake. “With the HDPii, they can enhance their customers’ experience while reducing their costs.”

About Fargo

Founded in 1974, Fargo Electronics is a global leader in the development of secure technologies for identity card issuance systems, including secure card printer/encoders, materials and software. Fargo provides physical, information and transaction security for a wide variety of applications and industries, including financial, retail, government, corporate, national IDs, drivers’ licenses, universities, schools and membership.

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