Belgium Reinforces Children Protection with Gemalto’s Solution as part of National eID Program

Belgium Reinforces Children Protection with Gemalto’s Solution as part of National eID Program

The new Kids-ID, based on innovative technologies, enhances parental control

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Brussels, Belgium, March 25, 2009 – Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, today announced it is rolling out its eID solution as part of the Belgian government program to expand its national eID initiative. The program consists of a dedicated eID card for children aged under 12 with specific features intended to increase their security in emergency situations. In particular, a special hotline number is printed on the card body of the child’s ID card so that his parents can be alerted as soon as possible. Gemalto will deliver the highly secure microprocessor cards to Zetes, the European Auto-ID solutions provider. Fedict (FPS Information and Communication Technology), the Federal Public Service of Belgium in charge of developing e-Government projects, has just started deploying the Kids-ID program. This roll-out follows a decision from the Belgian government dated December 19, 2008.

The size of a credit card, the new Kids-ID card features three main functionalities. Firstly, it acts as an electronic national ID credential for Belgian children and also serves as an official travel document in most European countries. It contains all necessary ID information as well as the child’s photograph. This data is printed on the card body and also securely stored in the microprocessor.

The second capability is protecting the child in emergency situations. In case he/she gets lost, or is the victim of an accident, the hotline number printed on the card body enables to notify the next of kin or friend. The caller dials the hotline number and enters the child’s 11-digit National Registry number. The call is immediately transferred to the first number on a list of up to seven contact phone numbers that the parents have selected upon card issuance. If this person is not available, the caller is immediately connected to the second number on the list, and so on until somebody is available. If no one is, the call is routed to the Belgian Child Focus hotline, operational 24 hours-a-day.

Lastly, the Kids-ID card can be used on the Internet for safer access to online chat and for use of services that require identification. A built-in PIN code enables to automatically authenticate the child and to grant him access to web services he is allowed to use. Other potential uses include accessing library books, sport club membership or healthcare access.

“Enhancing children protection both in the real world and the digital world is a universal concern,” added Jacques Seneca, executive vice president of the Security Business Unit at Gemalto. “We are proud to bring our digital security expertise to this highly innovative project initiated by Belgium.”

Kids-ID is part of Belgium’s nationwide electronic ID program, launched in 2003. In January 2009, the number of e-ID in use exceeds 8 million, representing over 90% of the targeted population (source Fedict). The cards are being produced by the Auto-ID specialist Zetes and integrating Gemalto technologies, such as Sealys MultiApp ID and Sealys Laser-Secured Card. In addition to the usual national ID document functionality, Belgian citizens use their e-ID card to prove their identity on the internet, request official documents, fill in forms and sign documents electronically.

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