Bell ID’s FIPS201 solution on Approved Products List

Bell ID’s FIPS201 solution on Approved Products List

April 16, 2008–Bell ID is pleased to announce that its ANDiS4FIPS201 Card & Application Management solution has been placed on the GSA Approved Products List in recognition of its compliance with the ‘FIPS 201: Electronic Personalization’ standard.

ANDiS4FIPS201 has been tested and approved as an electronic (card) personalization product which generates and loads mandatory and optional objects to a PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Card, as defined by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Special Publication (SP) 800-73.

Following the release of the Homelands Security Presidential Directive in 2004, FIPS201 was issued to specify the standards for this. The directive demands that federal agencies issue ‘secure and reliable forms of identification’: therefore ID documents must be issued based on strong criteria for verifying the employee’s identity, be strongly resistant to identity fraud, tampering, counterfeiting and terrorist exploitation, can be rapidly authenticated electronically, and be issued only by providers whose reliability has been established by an official accreditation process.

Bell ID’s ANDiS4FIPS201 offers US government agencies a sophisticated card and application management system enabling them to manage the complete lifecycle of the card and the PIV application it holds. The ten different containers on the card are managed individually by ANDiS, enabling items with different lifecycles to be held on the same card. In addition, ANDiS4FIPS201 supports open source interfacing, which allows for swift and seamless integration with other components of the PIV card issuing infrastructure. ANDiS4FIPS201 is proven to be a highly scalable solution with effective reporting and auditing functionality which offers government agencies a powerful tool for managing PIV cards and maximising card functionality.

Hugo Crawford, Sales Manager–Americas, at Bell ID said: “Although ANDiS4FIPS201 has been on the Approved Products List since 2006 as a key element of one of our partner’s solution, we are very pleased it is now listed under the Bell ID name. This indicates our growing strength and commitment to the North American ID market, and will help further our ambition to become the leading supplier of smart card management solutions.”

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