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Smart Card Alliance expands to Secure Technology Alliance

Re:ID Podcast, March 23, 3017, “Smart Card Alliance expands to Secure Technology Alliance” In this Re:ID podcast, Executive Director Randy Vanderhoof talks about the transition from Smart Card Alliance to Secure Technology Alliance, explaining the expanded mission and the future of the organization.

Preparing for Card Not Present Fraud

To remove card fraud rather than see it move to the merchant’s online channel, retailers need to take a holistic approach, says Executive Director Randy Vanderhoof. In addition to deploying EMV, retailers should invest in tools to mitigate card-not-present fraud and also tokenization and encryption to protect sensitive customer data, he says in this video…
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EMV Update: The Rise of Mobile Payments

Vanderhoof on Why Contactless EMV Rollout Expected in Near Future In this interview with BankInfoSecurity, Randy Vanderhoof discusses the state of EMV adoption in the U.S., how authentication of EMV debit and credit transactions could evolve, and why more consumer education about the benefits of mobile payments is needed.    

Talking EMV in the USA

In this PaymentsViews podcast, Executive Director Randy Vanderhoof and Glenbrook’s George Peabody discuss EMV chip technology in the U.S.— what got us here, where the challenges are, and how EMV will evolve.

In Focus: Two-factor Authentication

Federal News Radio August 2015 Following the breach at the Office of Personnel Management, Executive Director Vanderhoof discusses the results of the 30-day cyber sprint, ordered by Federal CIO Tony Scott in June.

‘Roadmap’ Clarifies Fraud Liability Shift

By Tracy Kitten The EMV Migration Forum has published a new “roadmap” to help card issuers, acquirers and merchants prepare for the October card-present fraud liability shift date. Director Randy Vanderhoof explains why the clarification is needed.