Coca-Cola United, Nation’s Third Biggest Bottler, to Convert Vending Machines to Cashless Credit Card Payments

Coca-Cola United, Nation’s Third Biggest Bottler, to Convert Vending Machines to Cashless Credit Card Payments

MasterCard & USA Technologies Continue a Nationwide Expansion of e-Port Vending that Accepts MasterCard® PayPass™ Contactless Payments

Purchase, NY, April 09, 2007–MasterCard Worldwide and USA Technologies (NASDAQ: USAT) announced today that Coca-Cola Bottling Company United Inc., the third largest bottler in America, is installing cashless payment technology in vending machines.

The two companies reported that Coca-Cola United has begun equipping its vending machines with USA Technologies’ e-Port® G6 to accept MasterCard® PayPass™ contactless payments as well as traditional magnetic stripe credit card payments.

“Our mission at Coca-Cola United is to provide customers with top quality products in the most convenient way,” said Thacher Worthen, Vice President of Marketing. “We are excited about the benefits that credit card payment options will bring to our customers. The United States is rapidly becoming a ‘plastic nation’ with fast food restaurants and convenience stores accepting credit and debit cards, and we feel the time is right to begin providing these same payment options to our customers. USA Technologies’ e-Port and MasterCard PayPass offer our customers a solution that delivers a much faster, easier and more convenient purchasing experience.”

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Coca-Cola United dispenses all brands of Coca-Cola, as well as Sprite, Barq’s root beer, Fanta, and Dasani water.

The cashless vending machines will be deployed by Coca-Cola United in multiple markets in the Coca-Cola Company’s home market, reaching consumers from Atlanta, Georgia, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“More and more consumers are telling us they want to use payment cards for small purchases from vending machines, and together with USA Technologies and Coca-Cola United, MasterCard is responding to this demand,” said T.J. Sharkey, Group Head, National Accounts, U.S. Commerce Development, MasterCard Worldwide. “MasterCard PayPass provides greater speed and convenience for consumers making purchases from vending machines, while helping vending operators improve efficiencies and drive increased revenues.”

The installations are part of a nationwide deployment of cashless vending machines and point-of-sale terminals by MasterCard and USA Technologies, and represents the largest rollout of contactless technology in these markets.

“We are excited to be working with global brands with the stature of MasterCard and Coca-Cola in deploying the latest in wireless cashless technology to give consumers new levels of speed and convenience when making purchasing from vending machines,” said Stephen P. Herbert, President and COO, USA Technologies. “Together we are driving greater customer satisfaction, while offering vending machine operators more opportunity to improve their operational efficiency, and generate new and increased sales and revenue streams.”

To make a cashless transaction at PayPass-enabled, e-Port activated vending machines, consumers need only tap their MasterCard PayPass-enabled credit card or device on the e-Port terminal. The terminal flashes a light and produces a tone to signal the completion of the transaction in seconds. No signature is required.

MasterCard PayPass uses radio frequency technology to transmit payment details between the PayPass device and the merchant’s terminal. The transaction is processed through the MasterCard network for clearing and settlement.

MasterCard PayPass cards also include magnetic stripe technology for traditional swipe card payments. PayPass is also available as non-card devices, such as a convenient payment tag that fits on a key chain for easy access.

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MasterCard PayPass is ideal for traditional cash-heavy environments where speed is essential, and has led the way in bringing contactless technology to consumer categories such as quick serve restaurants, drug stores, gas stations, vending machines, convenience stores, sports arenas, movie theaters, transit systems and parking garages. There are nearly 13 million PayPass cards and devices issued globally, and PayPass is currently accepted globally at 46,000 merchant locations, including participating 7-Eleven, CVS, McDonald’s, Regal Entertainment Group theaters and many others. PayPass is also accepted at numerous football and baseball stadiums. For more information about MasterCard PayPass and a full list of participating merchants, visit

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