Collis TIP/ETEC Card Simulation Qualified by MasterCard

Collis TIP/ETEC Card Simulation Qualified by MasterCard

Leiden (NL), October 9, 2008–Collis announces today that MasterCard has qualified Collis TIP/ETEC Card Simulation in the Collis Card Simulator and Collis Brand Test Tool.

The Collis Card Simulator and the Collis Brand Test Tool are used to test the functional behaviour of the card-terminal interface. Any EMV card can be simulated with these tools. You can use pre-defined cards (J/Smart; M/Chip; VIS). It is also possible to configure a card yourself. Moreover, it is possible to read all data (image) from an EMV card, and use this image as a (modifiable) input. Errors (failures) can be simulated to test the system’s response to an error. The Collis Card Simulator and the Collis Brand Test Tool include card cryptography from MasterCard, Visa and JCB.

The Collis Card Simulator and Collis Brand Test Tool have been qualified by MasterCard for TIP Card Simulation (to simulate the ETEC cards). This means that MasterCard approved Collis Card Simulator and Collis Brand Test Tool for correct simulation of the ETEC cards. MasterCard also confirms the tools for use during development prior to delivery for TIP Certification. Collis has developed ‘soft’ card images needed by MasterCard members for TIP. The ETEC qualification covers contact cards; specifically, Subset 1, Interoperability Cards and Maestro UK. The soft images (XML card images) are loaded into the Collis Card Simulator and used during development by members before delivery for TIP Certification.

Christian Delporte, Head of Chip Product Development at MasterCard Worldwide said: “We are pleased that the tool offered by Collis, a recognized player in the chip testing market, is qualified as part of the MasterCard program. This qualification broadens the offer of test tools available to MasterCard acquirers for preparation to the TIP process. We are confident that MasterCard acquirers will directly benefit from this qualification. MasterCard will inform its customers about qualified test tools via the MasterCard OnLine™ website.”

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, CEO Collis, adds: “Collis is very pleased that the Collis Card Simulator and the Collis Brand Test Tool have been qualified for TIP/ETEC implementation by MasterCard. Collis offers market leading test tools for both contact & contactless card simulation. The Collis Card Simulator can be used for terminal testing during development before delivery to the host network and/or certification. The Brand Test Tool contains the same functionality as the Collis Card Simulator, but it also includes the host simulation and test cases for Visa ADVT and MasterCard TIP Testing. Shorten your time to market with true card simulation.”

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