CoreStreet Takes Validation and Authorization “To the Edge”

CoreStreet Takes Validation and Authorization “To the Edge”

New Solutions Extend CoreStreet’s Leadership in Providing

Department of Defense with State-of-the-Art Validation Solutions, Cambridge, Mass., October 26, 2009–CoreStreet, the leader in credential validation solutions, today announced the licensing of the CoreStreet Tactical Validation Authority (TVA) software, as well as the certification of the CoreStreet Tactical Attribute Repository Responder (TARR) software.

The CoreStreet TVA is licensed for use across the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) Area of Responsibility, as well as by the U.S. Air Force, and several organizations within the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) community, to verify the identity of Common Access Card (CAC) holders while in theater.
After successfully demonstrating it met viability and performance metrics in both the Empire Challenge (EC09) and Joint Rapid Architecture Experimentation (JRAE) 2009 exercises, the CoreStreet TARR has completed certification and accreditation for both the Distributed Development & Test Environment (DDTE) and Combined Federated Battle Laboratories (CFBL) networks, classified at US SECRET and US SECRET REL 4EYES, respectively.

The CoreStreet TVA is a complementary extension to the CoreStreet Validation Authority (VA), a complete solution that enables digital certificate validation for secure, legally-binding communications, physical access and other transactions, to validate all 3.5 million service members and contractors. The Department of Defense (DoD) uses the CoreStreet VA to provide critical Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate validation technology behind the DoD’s Robust Certificate Validation Services (RCVS).

The CoreStreet TVA enables full featured certificate validation for low bandwidth, in-theater deployments by achieving a 97% data compression rate thereby allowing for secure data transmission to the theater via satellite or other low bandwidth communications.

“With the CoreStreet TVA, any location can attain the benefits of certificate validation without sacrificing security, scalability or availability,” said Paul Townsend, Vice President, Defense and Intelligence Programs, CoreStreet. “When deployed as part of the CoreStreet Validation Infrastructure, the CoreStreet TVA enables full-featured Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) validation for any OCSP-compliant application anywhere.”

The CoreStreet TARR provides similar certificate validation support for austere environments, but with additional functionality to support Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) decisions through a SAML interface. The certificate status and attribute information obtained from the source authorities are compressed and abstracted from their original representations so that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be derived from the signed data objects.

The CoreStreet TVA software is available for immediate delivery and implementation, and can be procured through multiple contracting vehicles. The CoreStreet TARR software is available in controlled release for select members of the defense and intelligence communities. For more information please contact your local CoreStreet representative or email your request to CoreStreet at

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