Charismathics CSSI now FIPS 201 Compliant

Charismathics CSSI now FIPS 201 Compliant

PIV smart card middleware and is first to be validated with NIST SP 800-73-2 specification

Peculiar, Missouri, USA, Munich, Germany, 27 October 2009–charismathics, a global leader in IT security components and smart card middleware, announced today that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has certified the charismathics CSSI PIV Middleware as FIPS 201 compliant. CSSI is the first PIV middleware validated to the new NIST SP 800-73-2 specification rather than the older PIV specification, ensuring full interoperability and compliance with existing as well as future PIV cards.

“We are pleased to announce that charismathics is the first vendor to achieve
compliance with the 800-73-2 specification,” commented Sven Gossel, CEO of charismathics. “Now U.S. Government agencies have a better choice for PIV middleware when deploying PIV solutions complying with HSPD 12”. charismathics CSSI PIV middleware not only supports the interoperability of PIV cards at the middleware level, but we also support PIV cards at the application level. charismathics is continuingly enhancing and upgrading our CSSI middleware to support all major tokens and smart cards around the world, supporting the U.S. Government PIV platform is strategic for our company.

The charismathics’ Smart Security Interface middleware supports smart cards from all major vendors, and provides support for multiple computer platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. High security deployments that require Secure PIN Entry can utilize charismathics’ CSSI middleware. In addition, CSSI provides support for a wide variety of computer applications including computer logon, disk encryption, SSO, pre-boot authentication, email security and digital signature applications. CSSI provides support for Microsoft CryptoAPI, PKCS11 and Apple TokenD.

charismathics CSSI also offers an optional TSS component for TPM chips integrated in notebooks and desktop computers that enables the TPM to be utilized just like a smart card.

charismathics’ CSSI PIV middleware is available through TX Systems at

About charismathics

charismathics is a global leader in identity management software. Its premier product, the charismathics Smart Security Interface (CSSI), makes it cost-effective and easy for enterprises to integrate multiple authentication solutions into a single, transparent interface. Since 2003, charismathics has pioneered the field of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), introducing the first PKI client to support Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) and the first PKI client to support pre-boot environments. charismathics’ iEnigma software secures handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch and provides streamlined two-factor authentication for the enterprise. charismathics offers security products and PKI consulting in a variety of industries including banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, security, government and PC manufacturing.

About Tx Systems

Tx Systems is a leading provider of smart card and biometric solutions from the world’s top manufacturers. As the distributor for charismathics, SCM Microsystems, OmniKey, and other leading manufacturers, Tx Systems offers the industry’s premier smart card, biometric, and contactless terminals, CAC/PIV approved middleware, and a variety of smart card technologies along with world class support and services.


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