Cryptography Research Expands Into Europe

Cryptography Research Expands Into Europe

Industry Veteran Ken Warren Takes Reins as Smart Card Business Manager

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/–Recognizing the strategic significance of Europe in driving the deployment of smart cards, Cryptography Research, Inc. today announced it has set up operations in the United Kingdom to provide enhanced support for European licensees of its recently launched DPA Countermeasures Licensing Program. Cryptography Research also announced the appointment of smart card industry veteran Ken Warren to head up the effort as smart card business manager. Warren will ensure European customers can successfully implement CRI’s patented countermeasures, and he will actively represent CRI in all European smart card industry activities.

Although the smart card market is becoming increasingly global, the majority of the industry leaders have their headquarters, R&D facilities and design centers in Europe. By establishing representation in Europe, Cryptography research is again demonstrating its commitment to the smart card industry and to providing the necessary support to improve the security of smart card devices. In his position as smart card business manager, Ken Warren brings a wealth of industry expertise, and CRI’s European customers will be able to benefit from his support at the local level.

“With Ken Warren leading our European expansion, Cryptography Research has achieved a new milestone in its quest to reduce fraud and piracy in the smart card industry through effective DPA countermeasures,” said Paul Kocher, president of Cryptography Research. “Europe is key to building on the early success of our DPA Countermeasures Licensing Program, and we are fortunate to have someone of Ken’s stature at the helm and to represent us to the leaders in the smart card industry.”

Ken Warren has extensive experience in the smart card industry, having worked in a variety of roles for more than 12 years. Before joining CRI, Ken was group marketing manager at Renesas Technology Europe Ltd, the world’s number-one supplier of microcontrollers and a leader in security IC products. Prior to that, Ken was smart card business development manager for Hitachi Europe Ltd. Ken has also held positions at NatWest Bank and Mondex International where he was responsible for IC security.

“CRI has taken the lead in developing the technologies necessary for cryptographic device manufacturers, smart card vendors and smart card issuers to produce more secure, DPA-resistant products, and now we are bringing them directly to the major industry players in Europe,” said Ken Warren. “I look forward to working with Kit Rodgers, director of licensing, and the others at CRI, and to supporting the smart card industry in its efforts to prevent DPA attacks and reduce fraud and piracy.”

Differential Power Analysis and related attacks were first discovered at Cryptography Research by Paul Kocher, Joshua Jaffe and Benjamin Jun. DPA involves monitoring the fluctuating electrical power consumption of smart cards and other secure cryptographic devices and applying advanced statistical methods to extract secret keys and other information. An attacker who successfully employs DPA can create fraudulent transactions, generate counterfeit digital cash, or receive unauthorized access to digital content.

Cryptography Research’s DPA-related patents provide the basis for implementing effective DPA countermeasures in smart cards and other devices, and a license is required to make, use or sell any DPA-resistant product. Organizations that join the Cryptography Research DPA Countermeasures Licensing Program receive priority access to Cryptography Research’s experienced technical staff and research team. Licensees also gain the right to display the “DPA lock” logo on qualifying products. Early-adopter terms are being offered for a limited time to provide competitive advantages to early licensees, including superior pricing and forgiveness for infringement of CRI’s countermeasure patents in already-deployed products with DPA countermeasures.

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Cryptography Research, Inc. provides technology to solve complex security problems. In addition to security evaluation and applied engineering work, CRI is actively involved in long-term research in areas including tamper resistance, content protection, network security and financial services. The company has a broad portfolio of patents covering countermeasures to differential power analysis and other vulnerabilities, and is committed to helping companies produce secure smart cards and other tamper resistant devices.

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