Cubic Joins Royal Celebration of 150th Anniversary of the London Underground

Cubic Joins Royal Celebration of 150th Anniversary of the London Underground

London, March 28, 2013–Cubic Transportation Systems’ president Steve Shewmaker was among the small group of Transport for London (TfL) partners invited to meet Her Majesty The Queen during the latest event in a year-long calendar of activities to mark the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground. Her Majesty visited Baker Street Underground Station accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.

Cubic Transportation Systems, a subsidiary of San Diego-based Cubic Corporation (NYSE:CUB), is TfL’s partner for ticketing, gating and revenue management, and is a leading integrator of transportation technology and services provider for intelligent travel solutions.

During the March 20 visit, the Royal party was introduced to key London Underground staff, apprentices and suppliers involved in the restoration of an 1892 underground coach that was a highlight of January’s commemorative steam run. The run included a restored steam locomotive and carriages that recreated the world’s first underground rail journey run on London’s Metropolitan Railway on Jan. 13, 1863.

Cubic is the lead industry sponsor of the 150th Anniversary and also played a significant supporting role to TfL during last year’s Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics, when the performance of London’s transport network was universally praised.

The Royal Party was also shown examples of the London Underground’s past and future, including the Metropolitan Railway Jubilee Carriage No 353, the oldest operational Underground carriage in existence and used recently on a steam run to commemorate the 150th anniversary.

“Meeting Her Majesty and their Royal Highnesses was such an honour,” says Shewmaker. “I was delighted to be invited to attend on behalf of Cubic but was extremely mindful that I was representing every single member of the Cubic team which does such a great job for Transport for London, every single day. I have never felt more proud of the Cubic team, which I have the privilege to lead.”

About Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic® Transportation Systems, Inc., is part of Cubic Corporation. Cubic Corporation is the parent company of three major business segments: Defense Systems, Mission Support Services and Transportation Systems. Cubic Defense Systems is a leading provider of realistic combat training systems and defense electronics. Mission Support Services is a leading provider of training, operations, maintenance, technical and other support services for U.S. and allied nations.

Cubic® Transportation Systems, Inc., is a leading integrator of payment and information technology and services for intelligent travel solutions. Cubic delivers integrated solutions that help transport operators manage their operations and services and give passengers choices in the smartest and easiest ways to pay their fares. Cubic specializes in design, development, manufacture, supply, installation, integration, services and information. Services provided by Cubic include on-site management, central systems, operations support, patron support, business support and field services.

Every year, nearly 7 billion rides are taken worldwide using Cubic payment and information systems. Cubic has delivered over 400 projects in 40 major markets on five continents. Active projects include London; Brisbane (Southeast Queensland) region, Australia; New York/New Jersey region; Washington, D.C. /Baltimore/Virginia region; Los Angeles region; San Diego region; San Francisco region; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Chicago; Atlanta region; Miami (South Florida) region; Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada; Sydney (New South Wales), Australia; Germany; and Scandinavia.

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