Cubic Showcases Automatic Fare Collection Technologies for Buses At UITP Persontrafik 2003 Exhibition

Cubic Showcases Automatic Fare Collection Technologies for Buses At UITP Persontrafik 2003 Exhibition

GOTEBORG, Sweden, (BUSINESS WIRE), Sept. 18, 2003–Cubic Transportation Systems (Nordic) A/S, a division of Cubic Transportation Systems, a subsidiary of Cubic Corp. (AMEX:CUB), will showcase its complete system of automatic fare collection technologies for buses at the UITP Persontrafik Exhibition from September 18-20 in Goteborg, Sweden.

Cubic, the world’s leading system provider for regional multi-operator intermodal ticketing systems is also the leading supplier of bus automatic fare collection systems in Scandinavia. Cubic provides Scandinavia the combined advantages of a local company supported by a worldwide organization and resources.

“We expect there to be about $250 Million (U.S.) worth of work within the next year in the Scandinavian public transit market and Cubic, as the region’s leading fare collection system provider, is well positioned to win a substantial portion of this,” said Richard Johnson, president and CEO of Cubic Transportation Systems.

The Cubic display area (Stand B02:39) includes the following products that have been developed for the European market:

  • Nextfare™ Central System: Cubic has designed a central system that facilitates low risk, cost-managed growth in system capability. Nextfare is a suite of advanced software modules that provide four mission-critical capabilities: 1) central computing, 2) management of advanced fare structures, 3) clearing and settlement, and 4) innovative valued-added capabilities such as Web Services, Autoload and Ticket On Departure. Cubic’s Nextfare Web Services technology allows riders to load their smart cards with value anytime from the convenience of their desktop computers, laptops, phones or handheld devices. The Ticket On Departure feature then distributes the purchases by electronically delivering the value to the smart card the next time the customer presents his or her card to a reader at the ticketing vending machine, gate or bus smart card Validator. Autoload technology lets transit users link their smart cards to their credit cards for automatic reload of transit value into the system once a pre-determined threshold is reached.

  • Mobile Ticketing Machine: Considered the heart of an integrated Vehicle Management System, the Mobile Ticketing Machine combines the Cubic Driver Control Unit and Passenger Interface Module to deliver fare and vehicle management in a single device. The Driver Control Unit acts as the single driver log-on and interface for operation of all on-vehicle equipment including fareboxes, smart card validators, magnetic processors, printers, passenger signage, automatic passenger counters, and automatic vehicle location and dispatch system. When combined with the Passenger Interface Module, transit operators can support a variety of fare media including paper proof-of-payment, magnetic, or contactless smart card, offering them the maximum flexibility for future growth.

  • Light Validator: The contactless smart card-processing Light Validator is a worry-free, low-cost addition to any automatic fare collection system. It features a small, ultra-compact design that simplifies installation and maintenance while ensuring high reliability and ease of use. The Light Validator operates on Cubic’s open architecture and utilizes its patented Tri-Reader®, an integral module in all Cubic-developed fare collection equipment for all transportation modes. The Tri-Reader can read any type of contactless smart card meeting international standards, providing operators a truly open system with flexibility, interoperability and a range of media choices.

  • Universal Validator: The Universal Validator incorporates Cubic’s advanced smart card technology and passenger safety features to quickly verify and deduct fares from passenger smart cards, resulting in faster boarding times. For the Persontrafik exhibition, the Validator will be linked to a simulation of a journey showing live ticket on departure capability and tracking of ticket use via the web services package of Nextfare™.

  • Handheld Solution: Cubic’s Handheld Ticketing Machine can function as a card verification/inspection device for a portable computer. When the Handheld Ticketing Machine is used as a portable computer it performs two functions: issuing paper tickets and validating and updating passenger smart cards. Wireless communications enable an optional belt printer to communicate with the Handheld Ticketing Machine. When the Handheld is utilized as a checker, which is the case at this exhibition, it reads smart cards to check for validity. The handheld device is integrated with Cubic’s Tri-Reader technology to facilitate flexibility in smart card choices for transit operators.

  • BUSPOS Central System: Cubic has further developed BUSPOS, the existing central system in Scandinavia, to incorporate the best from the Nextfare Central System. This encompasses the Web Services technology, flexible report generation, and a highly advanced fare calculation module. The fare calculation module will be displayed at the exhibition.

Every year, nearly 10 billion rides are taken worldwide using Cubic fare collection systems in more than 40 major markets on five continents, including London; New York; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Sydney; Sweden, Norway, and Denmark; Rotterdam; Chicago; Atlanta; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Miami; Hong Kong; Guangzhou; Shanghai; and Singapore.


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