Datacard Group Debuts Advanced Issuance System For High Security Passports

Datacard Group Debuts Advanced Issuance System For High Security Passports

Datacard® PB6500™ Passport Issuance System positioned to revolutionize passport security

Minnetonka, Minn., May 17, 2006–Datacard Group today introduced the Datacard® PB6500™ passport issuance system at the Intergraf Security Printers’ Conference and Exhibition in Rhodes, Greece. This innovative and modular solution helps governments elevate passport security to unprecedented heights in an effort to help prevent fraud and identity theft.

“Every day, governments face sophisticated, new threats to passport security,” said Paul Baxter, director of passport technologies for Datacard Group. “The PB6500 system integrates the most advanced technologies available today in passport and e-passport issuance. It is designed to help government agencies cost effectively defend against these threats and protect secure documents against common attacks from counterfeiters.”

The PB6500 system automates inline high-volume passport production. It can apply level 1, 2 and 3 security features, and offers a complete line of passport personalization technologies. The system also includes a variety of system-level security features, including secure login, data encryption and biometric authentication support.

A flexible, modular design allows end-users to start with the most cost-effective configuration for a current issuance program, and then incorporate new technologies as they become available. Modules currently available for the PB6500 system include booklet leafing, contactless chip personalization, laser engraving, color inkjet printing, vision registration, security lamination, number perforation, quality assurance and label affixing.

“The PB6500 features a self-contained design that helps ensure high productivity, exceptional ease of use and unmatched efficiency,” Paul Baxter said. “It also provides low total cost of ownership with excellent reliability and ease of maintenance. Customers get strong protection for their program, their documents and their investment.”

With more than 35 years of experience in a wide range of programs worldwide, Datacard Group is a trusted world leader in secure passport technology. The company’s innovative solutions integrate the systems, software, services and supplies required to produce high-quality passports and e-passports in centralized and/or distributed environments.

Datacard Group offers the world’s best-selling secure ID and card personalization solutions. The company’s portfolio includes systems for high-volume card issuance, card delivery, secure ID issuance and passport production, plus extensive service and supply offerings. Datacard Group serves customers in more than 120 countries (