DeXa.Badge(a) Solution Delivers Security Cards to Nissan Employees

DeXa.Badge(a) Solution Delivers Security Cards to Nissan Employees

Schlumberger, a global technology services company (NYSE: SLB), today announced its DeXa.Badge security solution has been selected by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to reinforce the physical and logical security at all Nissan facilities worldwide. SchlumbergerSema, the IT business unit of Schlumberger, will manage this project.

To date, SchlumbergerSema has already delivered identity badges to thousands of Nissan employees as part of a larger program to introduce the new security system on a global scale to Nissan’s worldwide facilities by the end of 2004. DeXa.Badge is a corporate identity solution powered by a fully integrated security system that strengthens existing corporate security management and policy. With DeXa.Badge, Nissan has the option to enhance administrative efficiency by the card issuance and management systems that support the lifecycle of the cards, keys and certificates.

Schlumberger is the primary IT security contractor to Nissan. As a fully integrated security solution, DeXa.Badge protects Nissan networks and facilities from unauthorized access. This Schlumberger DeXa.Badge solution consists of multi-application SchlumbergerSema Cyberflex(a) Access smart cards and SchlumbergerSema card readers to provide employees with new levels of security and identity management for access to buildings, computer networks and company data.

Smart cards use a sophisticated microchip embedded on the badge, which stores each employee’s unique identification on a contactless chip, and logical security information on a contact chip. When the employee holds the badge to a contactless card reader, the unique identity stored on the chip is compared to access control information stored on a server to allow or disallow access to a building or other physically secured site. When the employee inserts the card into a card reader attached to a PC or other IT device, information on the contact chip is used for functions such as login authentication. In this way, employees may also have different levels of security authorization to facilities, company information, applications or data.

“With intensified corporate interest in global information and network security, enterprises are looking for new ways to maximize the protection of both their physical resources as well as their information capital,” said Umar Qureshi, vice president NIS, Asia, SchlumbergerSema. “Our DeXa.Badge solution, coupled with our managed service infrastructure, will assist Nissan in reducing total costs and provide Nissan with a superior worldwide corporate security solution.”

The DeXa.Badge solution is part of the DeXa(a) Suite of Services for secure networking, information security, computing infrastructure and business continuity offered through SchlumbergerSema.