Entrust TruePass 6.0 Achieves FIPS 140-1 Standard for Securing Government Web Sites

Entrust TruePass 6.0 Achieves FIPS 140-1 Standard for Securing Government Web Sites

Second Validation for Core Component of Secure Web Portal Solution Underscores Company’s Continued Leadership in Delivering Identification, Digital Signature and Smartcard Capabilities

DALLAS, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/–Entrust, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), a leading global provider of Internet security solutions and services, announced today that the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) have awarded Entrust TruePass a second Federal Information Processing Standards and Publication (FIPS) 140-1 validation certificate 233.

In November 2001, Entrust TruePass 5.2 was the first Java application to gain this key security validation from both agencies. With this new validation, agencies within both governments can now take advantage of thin- client PKI with Entrust TruePass 6.0, which enables users to more securely conduct valuable and sensitive online transactions. These secure transactions are made possible using identification and digital signature capabilities. Entrust TruePass 6.0 uses its “zero footprint” model to deliver persistent encryption from users, to Web server, to back end applications.

Established by NIST, the FIPS 140-1 validation is a standard that involves conformance testing by independent, formal, third-party private sector laboratories located in the U.S. and Canada. This process is an essential element for verifying that cryptographic-based security systems meet recognized standards. FIPS 140-1 validation is a mandatory requirement by all U.S. federal agencies for the purchase, design and implementation of cryptographic-based security systems for the protection of sensitive information.

The FIPS 140-1 validation of Entrust TruePass 6.0 adds to a long list of “firsts” Entrust has achieved in this area of 3rd party software validation. Entrust was the first company ever to receive a FIPS 140-1 validation in 1995 for its Entrust Authority public-key infrastructure software. The company was also first to have PKI products certified to ISO/EIC 15408, the Common Criteria. Today, Entrust has more validation certificates than any other enhanced Internet security provider in the world.

“The award of our ninth FIPS 140-1 certificate underlines Entrust’s commitment to enable enhanced security to help protect networks and online activities for government agencies in the U.S. and Canada,” said Brian O’Higgins, Entrust chief technology officer. “We are proud to continue our participation in this essential, independent quality assurance process as we help to enable e-government achieve a greater breadth of services and improved efficiencies through their online initiatives.” About Entrust: Entrust, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU) is a leading global provider of enhanced Internet security solutions and services that make it safer to do business and complete transactions over the Internet. Entrust has the industry’s broadest set of identification, entitlements, verification, privacy and security management capabilities. More than 1,500 major corporations, service providers, financial institutions and government agencies in more than 40 countries use the privacy, security and trust provided through Entrust’s portfolio of award-winning technologies. For more information, please visit http://www.entrust.com.

About CSE

The Communications Security Establishment is Canada’s lead agency in cryptography providing the federal government with the means to secure its communications. CSE, in partnership with several other federal departments and industry is committed to creating an environment of confidence within which the government’s e-business can be conducted. For more information, please visit http://www.cse-cst.gc.ca.

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