Fargo Announces Addition of Identix Incorporated To Fargo Technology Alliance

Fargo Announces Addition of Identix Incorporated To Fargo Technology Alliance

Minneapolis, MN, September 13, 2004–Fargo Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGO) today announced that Identix Incorporated (NASDAQ: IDNX) has been added to the Fargo Technology Alliance (FTA), a worldwide technology group that unites industry-leading solution providers with Fargo’s integrators to create secure card identity options in the areas of biometrics, smart cards, systems integration and software. Identix is the world’s leading multi-biometric technology company, providing fingerprint, facial and skin identification technologies. Fargo markets secure card identity systems that create personalized plastic identification cards complete with digital images, text, lamination and electronically encoded information.

“Identix is an established leader in multi-biometric technologies,” says John Ekers, Fargo’s Director of Systems and Software. “They have a wide breadth of core biometric technologies. With Identix as a part of the Fargo Technology Alliance, Fargo’s worldwide distribution partners can access their proprietary face and fingerprint offerings for integration in sophisticated, secure card identity solutions that may require world-class biometric technology.”

Elaine Bliss, Identix Vice President of Partner Programs said, “Making our technology accessible to Fargo’s integrators and other FTA members has the potential to result in more secure, complete card solutions for end users. Identix welcomes the opportunity to participate in the Fargo Technology Alliance and looks forward to the prospect of providing our leading multi-biometric technologies to a variety of FTA members.”

The Fargo Technology Alliance now unites over 30 technology providers with Fargo’s international and domestic network of systems integrators. Together with the Alliance members–smart, biometric, optical, and proximity card application software developers and manufacturers–Fargo’s integrators provide a wide range of secure solutions for end users.

“The Fargo Technology Alliance was created to combine the collective expertise of its members in developing complete e-card solutions to meet the growing demand for multiple application ID/IT card systems,” Ekers added. “This has created a valuable network of relationships in which we can learn, understand and utilize one another’s products.”

About Identix

Identix Incorporated is the world’s leading multi-biometric technology company. The company’s offerings include live scan systems and services for biometric data capture, mobile systems for on-the-spot ID, and backend standards-based modules and software components for biometric matching and data mining. Identix products are used to conduct background checks, speed travel and commerce via secure identification documents, prevent identity fraud in large-scale government and civil ID programs, and control access to secure areas and networks. With a global network of partners, such as leading system integrators, defense prime contractors and OEMs, Identix serves a broad range of markets including government, law enforcement, gaming, finance, travel, transportation, corporate enterprise and healthcare.

About Fargo

Fargo is the world’s leader in innovative technologies for desktop plastic card identity systems. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Fargo is the only manufacturer to offer three distinct technologies in printing systems–High Definition Printing™ (reverse image), traditional Direct-to-Card printing (dye-sublimation), and CardJet Printing Technology™ (inkjet)–to personalize plastic identification cards, complete with digital images and text, lamination, and electronically encoded information.

Personalized identification cards provide physical, information, and transaction security for a wide variety of applications including Corporations, National IDs, Drivers’ Licenses, Universities, Schools, Government Installations, Transportation, Casinos, Healthcare Facilities, E-commerce, Retail Stores, Correctional Institutions, Associations, Sports Events and Recreation Sites. More than 80,000 Fargo systems have been sold in the U.S. and in over 80 other countries. For more information, visit Fargo’s Web site at http://www.fargo.com.