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Smart Card Alliance: A Mission Shared by All

Last month, the entire nation paused for a day to remember the events of September 11, 2001. Watching the television programs and news specials leading up to the events marking the ten year anniversary of “9/11” reminded me of the horrors I felt inside watching the events unfold on live television that day. Those feelings were magnified because of my living in close proximity of what is now known as “Ground Zero” and knowing that I had many friends and neighbors who worked in New York City. At the Smart Card Alliance Fall Conference held that fall about a month later in Washington, DC., the mood was somber, and nobody knew what would happen next. A decade later, we’ll gather again in the nation’s capital for the 10th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference to discuss the achievements that have been made and the status of the ongoing security projects already underway, and to explain the new security initiatives planned for the United States. Hopefully you’re planning to attend, and be part of the meaningful change that benefits the safety of each of us. Read full letter »

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