Gemalto delivers secure eHealthcare solution to hospital in US

Gemalto delivers secure eHealthcare solution to hospital in US

Amsterdam, Sept 17, 2013–Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, is working with LifeMed ID to provide a robust eHealthcare solution that securely authenticates patient’s identities at Maine’s Mid Coast Hospital. The solution digitally stores and verifies identification credentials enabling secure access to the patients’ unique Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Gemalto’s advanced Sealys MultiApp ID smart cards in collaboration with LifeMed ID’s SecureReg solution enables Maine’s Mid Coast Hospital to safeguard patient medical information by authenticating the identity of the patient to reduce administrative time, cost and paperwork, improving the overall quality of care.

The new system gives Mid Coast Hospital an end-to-end secure authentication infrastructure across disparate groups within the healthcare landscape for advancements in eHealth. Assigning various degrees of data access based on an individual’s role¹ ensures the confidentiality and validity of the patient’s identity and information. Today, up to 15% of medical records contain errors² resulting in a crucial need to improve the reliability of medical data; the overall solution reinforces the integrity the data of EMRs for prescriptions while working to reduce the rate of healthcare fraud.

With US healthcare expenses reaching $2.6 trillion in 2010³, public and private health service organizations are looking to eHealth suppliers to design solutions that help modernize the current system in areas of security and patient identity. Gemalto/LifeMed ID’s technology enables these organizations to reduce costs associated with program inefficiencies improving the quality of patient care and satisfaction.

John Stoy, CIO at Mid Coast Hospital said: “Our vision is to seamlessly connect and synchronize patient data across our EMR systems, streamline registration process, eliminate duplicate records, reduce billing errors, and improve patient satisfaction throughout the care continuum. We choose to leverage proven technology with Gemalto smart cards and LifeMed ID’s SecureReg patient identity suite of software products.”

“Gemalto’s digital security expertise of protecting data coupled with their experience in identity verification were quintessential reasons for choosing to implement their smart card technology into LifeMed ID’s patient identity solution,” said David Batchelor, CEO of LifeMed ID. “Working together we are bringing innovative and secure patient identity solutions that eliminate duplicate records, diminishes fraud and decrease administrative cost in the healthcare ecosystem in the United States.”

“With over 30 years’ experience, we are at the forefront of smart card advancements and personal identification worldwide,” said Neville Pattinson, SVP government programs for Gemalto North America. “Today our smart cards, software and services are being used to modernize logical access of sensitive information in numerous areas from healthcare to government security.”

¹ physician, nurse or insurance administrator

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