Gemalto Extends Support for Strong Authentication with Biometrics for Windows 7

Gemalto Extends Support for Strong Authentication with Biometrics for Windows 7

Gemalto .NET Bio Solution for Windows 7 available for demonstration at the RSA Conference in San Francisco

RSA CONFERENCE 2009, San Francisco, April 21, 2009 – Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has extended its support for strong authentication on the Windows® 7 platform using its .NET Bio solution. The solution enables multi-factor authentication using biometrics by building on the foundation provided in the new Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) for Windows 7. Gemalto is demonstrating its .NET Bio solution with biometrics on a Windows 7 platform in the Microsoft Partner Pavilion at RSA 2009 in booth #1527 through Thursday, April 23rd, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Gemalto .NET Bio™ is an innovative solution that enables organizations to enhance network security and protect online identities by replacing weak, static passwords with strong authentication using Gemalto .NET smart cards and Precise Match-on-Card™ fingerprint biometric technology. By leveraging the smart card and biometric support built into Windows 7, Gemalto .NET Bio is easier to deploy and manage than conventional solutions that require installation of middleware.

In Windows 7, Microsoft is introducing the Windows Biometric Framework to provide native support for fingerprint biometric devices through a new set of software components.

“Until now, every fingerprint biometric device vendor was required to provide its own technology set for Microsoft Windows, including drivers, software development kits and applications,” said Dustin Ingalls, director of program management for the Windows Core Operating System Division at Microsoft Corp. “The result was a range of proprietary solutions that lacked a consistent user experience and a common management platform. By adding smart card authentication from Gemalto and native support for fingerprint biometrics to Windows 7, we can improve the quality, reliability and consistency of the user experience for customers who are implementing strong multifactor authentication with biometrics. The Gemalto .NET Bio proof of concept implementation with WBF provides real-world feedback, ensuring enterprise customers would be able to deploy a strong authentication solution using biometrics with the necessary framework built into the operating system.”

“Biometrics is an increasingly popular access security technology, because you don’t forget your finger like you might a password,” said Francois Lasnier, vice president and general manager, security, for Gemalto North America. “Gemalto’s work with Microsoft has yielded a combined product offering that allows enterprise customers to implement a strong multi-factor authentication solution that increases security, yet is easier to deploy with minimal infrastructure changes.”

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