Giesecke & Devrient teams with Amiga to offer high quality mobile

Giesecke & Devrient teams with Amiga to offer high quality mobile

Amiga-enabled Mega memory GalaxSIM® cards provide content portability

Munich/Prague, April 25, 2006–Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a leading supplier of smart cards and system solutions for mobile communications, payment and identification, and Amiga, Inc., a provider of cross-platform enabling technology for digital multimedia, demonstrate on SIM 2006 exhibition in Prague the use of Amiga’s technologies with G&D’s GalaxSIM® high memory SIM cards.

The GalaxSIM® is a new series of (U)SIM cards combining the established SIM products such as the UniverSIM® Callisto family with flash memory, designed to meet the demand of wireless multimedia services. The cards offer memory capacities ranging between 64 MB and 512 MB, where the SIM’s standard EEPROM memory is supplemented by a flash memory device in the module. This means that memory intensive applications, such as games, music and video files or telephone directories, can be stored directly on the flash memory of the SIM card and the relevant security information, such as keys or right objects could be securely stored in the SIM card controller. The GalaxSIM® is designed to support games, entertainment, MP3 music, video clips, IMS services and similar applications on mobile phones, PCs and other electronic devices. The built-in smart card controller supports secure applications and digital rights management requirements.

The GalaxSIM® employs a standard plug-in SIM form factor where the smart card chip is responsible for the popular applications furnished by the SIM card, for example network authentication, secure storage and SIM toolkit applications. The internal GalaxSIM® system architecture contains the flash controller, flash memory and the smart card chip in a 3- or 2-chip version. Both MMC and USB high speed protocols can be used to ensure the swift transfer of data between SIM card and mobile phone.

The Amiga technologies are intended to allow G&D customers to provide the AmigaAnywhere™ application engines and Amiga multimedia applications across many devices that support GalaxSIM® SIM cards. The combined technologies are designed to assist operators in deploying quadruple play services by enabling users to play and manipulate the same content across devices that support SIM card or multimedia card technologies, such as mobile phones, PCs, IPTV and set top boxes. The Amiga-enabled GalaxSIM® cards have been designed to be deployed by carriers on both Linux and Microsoft driven devices and to allow consumers to quickly and easily move SIMs and content across devices.

Amiga technologies provide an exceptional audio, video and interactive experience that is being developed to take advantage of local hardware components, including GPS, video and 3D acceleration.

The GalaxSIM® demonstration shows video, entertainment and games (including AmigaAnywhere™ arcade, puzzle and casual games), as well as content branded with major league sport marks.

“GalaxSIM® is the ideal platform for the subscriber to realize the high performance and quality offered by the Amiga gaming environment, as well as the unique portability of games and content across home and mobile devices,” said Andreas Morawietz, Senior Marketing Manager at G&D’s telecom division.

“Integrating Amiga technologies on the GalaxSIM® was very simple,” said Greg Sigel, Amiga’s vice president of sales and marketing. “G&D has made great strides in bringing the GalaxSIM® to market.”

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