Health One Alliance Teams with HealthMeans to Provide Connectivity with Smart Cards in Georgia

Health One Alliance Teams with HealthMeans to Provide Connectivity with Smart Cards in Georgia

IRVING, TX, February 21, 2007–HMI recently partnered with Health One Alliance, LLC for a smart card project with a goal to eventually connect the entire northwest Georgia healthcare community. From the payor side it will include Smart Cards, Kiosks, Patient Web Portal, Real-time eligibility and demographic verification, Employer Enrollment Services and much more. For the physicians and hospitals, it will include rapid paperless check-in with automated eligibility and demographic verification without user intervention, private patient portal for online registration and payment tracking and tied to our patented smart card for the personal and health system health record.

It may be the first and only project of its kind in the US and will eventually include many health system facilities in northern Georgia. Jeff Myers, the CEO of Health One Alliance, said “The goal of this is to bring efficiency and better information to physician office staff, to clinicians, members and employers.”

The eNvision Smart Card means patients will no longer be required to fill out clipboard forms on every visit to their physician or the main hospital facility. Additionally, the likelihood of their receiving an inaccurate bill should be drastically reduced by utilizing HMI’s eNvision smart card system. According to recent studies of insurance industry statistics, the majority of services denied by insurance companies are due to clerical errors made at the time of registration for a clinical service. HealthMeans’ smart card system will make it easier for patients to interact with the health care system on all levels.

About Health One Alliance, LLC

Health One Alliance is a regional PPO network based in Calhoun, Georgia.

About HealthMeans, Inc. (HMI)

A Texas corporation since 2002, HMI is a pioneer in the use of smart card technology in healthcare. HMI offers state-of-the art technology and innovative solutions for automating hospitals, physician networks, insurance companies, pharmacies, laboratories and other healthcare organizations. The HMI staff members and technicians are some of the most seasoned in the healthcare industry. HMI offers Software Solutions, Support & Maintenance Services, Training Options, Custom Programming and Community Marketing Services.

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