Hypercom to Showcase Outdoor Card Payment Technology at MidWest Acquirers Convention

Hypercom to Showcase Outdoor Card Payment Technology at MidWest Acquirers Convention

Fast, Easy-Use Payment Technology for Drive-Thru Restaurants and Pharmacies–Speeds Check-Out Line, Boosts Profit Line

Shorter lines, faster service, one less window stop and no need for cash are just some of the benefits that more consumers are enjoying at quick service restaurants nationwide thanks to global payment technology leader Hypercom Corporation’s (NYSE: HYC) fast, easy-use outdoor card payment technology. The innovative and increasingly in-demand technology will be demonstrated to hundreds of Independent Sales Organizations at the Midwest Acquirers Association Conference Wednesday, July 28 – Friday, July 30 in Chicago.

Card payment at the drive-thru often eliminates a window stop, avoids the time-consuming scramble for cash and the inherent potential for mistakes. It allows retailers to speed service and, in doing so, increase the number of customers served. Consumers going to a quick service restaurant simply pull into the drive-thru, place their order at the menu board and quickly insert their credit card into a Hypercom card payment terminal that is either integrated into, or adjacent to, the order board to complete the transaction. All that is left is the consumer picking up the order and the receipt. Pharmacies with drive-up lanes are also taking advantage of that same smart, fast and easy-use outdoor card payment technology.

“Savvy merchants know that if they speed the check-out line, they can boost the profit line,” said Lisa Shipley, Senior Vice President, Hypercom Corporation. “Consumers today want to pay for their purchases quickly and get on with it. They are more apt to frequent those retailers who allow them to do that, and more and more quick service restaurants and pharmacies are taking advantage of Hypercom’s outdoor, drive-up and drive-thru payment technology.”

Market Leading, Profit Building Payment Technology at the Drive-Thru

Hypercom’s innovative outdoor card payment solution is the smartest, fastest, easiest-to-use on the market. The technology is conveniently embedded directly into, or right beside, the quick service restaurant’s drive-thru menu board or mounted next to the pharmacy’s pneumatic prescription delivery terminal at drive-up locations. The high security payment device features a durable all-climate keyboard, easy-to-read backlit display, integrated PIN Pad, and smart card capability.

The rugged high security HFT 500 devices connect directly to the in-store cash register or Hypercom® ICE™ or T7Plus card payment terminal. The payment transaction details are handled by the in-store system or they can be transmitted directly from the terminal to the processor for virtually instantaneous authorization. Best of all, the Hypercom terminals can be immediately activated at any retail location. They can support any communications option by using Hypercom FastPOS®, FastCOM or IEN technologies, and they offer an easy and fast migration path for future system upgrades.

“Consumers and merchants want speed, superior service and security–especially in today’s fast-paced environment. This innovative technology helps merchants deliver all of that, providing faster service for consumers and more revenues and profits for the merchant,” said Shipley. “Innovative, intelligently-integrated fast and easy-use payment technology is the key, and that is exactly what Hypercom delivers… inside the store, and outdoors at the drive-thru.”

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