Identix Biometric Technology Now Available Through HID’s bioCLASS Product Offerings

Identix Biometric Technology Now Available Through HID’s bioCLASS Product Offerings

MINNETONKA, Minn., (BUSINESS WIRE), Sept. 15, 2003–Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq:IDNX), the world’s leading multi-biometrics security technology company, announced today that HID Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and cards for the security industry, has integrated Identix’ BioEngine® biometric fingerprint algorithms into HID’s newest 13.56 MHz contactless smart card offering, bioCLASS. The bioCLASS product family, which will be marketed by HID, will provide customers added security for access to their facilities through the combination of a contactless smart card and a biometric identifier. A prototype of HID’s fingerprint biometric reader with iCLASS technology, an LCD screen and a keypad will be on display at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) convention in New Orleans beginning September l5, 2003.

Identix President and CEO Dr. Joseph J. Atick commented, “This relationship with HID is an excellent example of our execution on a significant tenant of our business plan; providing Identix’ industry-leading biometric technology to companies that have strong market position and can use biometrics as a differentiator and a value add to their solutions. As the largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and cards for the security industry,” Atick continued, “HID has already established strong channels into end users who may have or will have biometric requirements for heightened security. This relationship enables us to leverage HID’s considerable position within the access control marketplace to help ensure that our industry leading biometric technology can reach the end user in a form factor that they are familiar with, or in many cases already use, and can easily implement.”

Marian Pefley, Director of Product Management for Biometric Technologies, said “We believe that contactless smart cards and biometrics are the perfect marriage for an access control situation. In the future we believe we will see more and more organizations implementing biometric verification for general access control and authentication. As we move toward card-to-user verification and authentication, the time for biometrics is now.”

HID has integrated Identix’ BioEngine fingerprint algorithms into its bioCLASS contactless smart card technology reader. HID’s family of iCLASS smart cards and readers are designed to make access control more powerful, more versatile, while offering enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication. iCLASS, optimized for access control, delivers the security and versatility of smart cards, yet retains the affordability and convenience of proximity. This new access control solution offers one-to-one biometric template authentication (one security credential and only one person who can use it). In the new system, fingerprint templates will be securely stored on the cards, making iCLASS smart cards well-suited for installations spanning multiple sites.

Two of the most significant advantages of storing biometric templates on a contactless smart card include the ability to maintain user privacy rights and to eliminate the need to connect readers to a central database. This method eliminates many of the privacy concerns around the storage of biometric information in central databases. Additionally, new biometric access control readers can easily replace the existing access readers without wiring and back-end system modification.

About HID

As the largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and cards for the security industry, HID has shipped over 150 million credentials to customers worldwide. HID pioneered the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for physical access control. Proximity and iCLASS technologies can be housed on the same credential and combined with other technologies such as magnetic stripe, barcode, or contact smart chip modules. This provides users the ability to leverage their investment in existing systems while seamlessly upgrading to new technologies and adding new applications. For increased security, users can add a photo ID or anti-counterfeiting element such as a hologram or ultraviolet ink. HID’s experience in developing card technologies enables them to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of contactless smart card technology used for applications such as access control, IT secure authentication, digital cash, the storage of biometric templates, and the storage and retrieval of critical information. For more information on HID, visit their website at

About Identix Incorporated

Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq:IDNX) is the world’s leading multi-biometric security technology company. The Company’s broad range of fingerprint and facial recognition technology offerings empower the identification of individuals who wish to gain access to information or facilities, conduct transactions and obtain IDs. Additionally, the Company’s products and solution offerings can help identify those who perpetrate fraud and otherwise pose a threat to public safety. Identix’ products serve a broad range of industries and market segments – most notably, government and law enforcement, aviation, financial, healthcare and corporate enterprise. In addition, the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Identix Public Sector, Inc. provides project management and facilities engineering services to the government sector.

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