INSIDE Contactless and Dynamic Card Solutions Team on Instant In-Branch Issuance

INSIDE Contactless and Dynamic Card Solutions Team on Instant In-Branch Issuance

Partnership Ensures Fast, Easy Personalization and Activation of All MicroPass Contactless and Dual Interface Products in All Form Factors

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France and ENGLEWOOD, Colo., October 27, 2009–Two of the mobile payments industry’s technology leaders, INSIDE Contactless and Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), today announced a partnership to facilitate and speed the deployment of a new wave of innovative contactless cards, mobile payment stickers and mobile payment peripheral devices. The partnership ensures that banks will be able to instantly personalize and activate a variety of innovative mobile payment solutions based on INSIDE’s MicroPass contactless (MicroPass 4000) and dual interface (MicroPass 6000) payment chip sets, and will make it faster and easier for them to deploy cards, stickers and mobile payment peripheral devices for contactless payments.

“Instant issuance is very important for the contactless market as a way to provide consumers with faster access to their payment devices, and our partnership with DCS is all about enabling instant personalization and activation of a variety of new MicroPass-based mobile payment peripheral solutions,” said Charles Walton, executive vice president for INSIDE Contactless. “Because of this partnership, banks will be able to deliver MicroPass-enabled cards, mobile handset stickers, and other new mobile payment peripheral devices into the hands of their customers more quickly, easily and securely.”

INSIDE’s MicroPass powers more than 80 percent of the North American contactless payments market, including products from all major bank card issuers.

Using the DCS CardWizard® software, bank branch personnel will be able to instantly and securely personalize any of INSIDE’s current and future MicroPass-enabled contactless or dual interface products in any form factor, including MicroSD cards, contactless mobile payment stickers and other accessories. These new mobile payment peripheral solutions will be able to be used with existing mobile phones and other consumer electronics devices, and instant activation means the personalized device can be used immediately for contactless point-of-sale purchases.

“This partnership with INSIDE Contactless clearly demonstrates our commitment to the MicroPass platform and the evolution of our solutions to include the latest and most innovative contactless and dual interface technologies,” said Steve Suttman, president of DCS. “Our instant issue solutions provide a very cost efficient way for financial institutions to personalize payment products, and we intend to support all current and future MicroPass product configurations in any contactless form factor, including a new class of mobile payment peripheral solutions and future dual interface EMV products.”

DCS instant issuance solutions have been completely tested and are fully compliant with INSIDE’s MicroPass contactless products. Customers currently using DCS’ in-branch PIN change or instant issuance solutions for magnetic stripe or EMV payment cards can easily upgrade to support pre-personalization and personalization of a broad range of contactless payment solutions, including mobile phone peripheral devices, stickers, fobs and others as they emerge in the market.

About Dynamic Card Solutions

Founded in 1996 and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Solutions International, Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS) develops instant issuance and PIN selection solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers that issue EMV, contactless and magnetic stripe cards. DCS is the leading instant issuance provider for Visa® and MasterCard® debit cards. The company offers fully integrated solutions that allow financial institutions and retailers to quickly and securely issue debit, credit and ATM cards instantly at branch or store locations. Issuing cards instantly increases customer service, card sales and revenue, and eliminates current card issuance costs. DCS’ system includes a user-friendly administration component that provides full reporting, card inventory and more. All solutions utilize encryption and are compliant with recommended security procedures for instant issuance. For additional information, call +1 303-754-2000, or visit the Dynamic Card Solutions Web site at

About INSIDE Contactless

INSIDE Contactless is the global leader in open-standard contactless payment and Near Field Communication (NFC) semiconductors and software that power the next generation of payment, transit, identity and access control applications. The company’s intelligent, microprocessor-based platforms offer the flexibility to be embedded in smart cards, mobile phones and other consumer electronic devices, documents, badges and other items to support a wide range of innovative contactless applications and bring new levels of convenience to users. INSIDE has delivered more than 300 million contactless platforms worldwide to customers and partners that include many of the leading payment card and mobile phone manufacturers, systems integrators and financial institutions. With a portfolio of 60 families of patents, including several essential NFC patents, the company has played a leading role in NFC and contactless innovation. INSIDE is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Warsaw, Seoul and Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit


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