Integri’s test tools are used by Banksys to test the new m-banxafe technology for payment per GSM

Integri’s test tools are used by Banksys to test the new m-banxafe technology for payment per GSM

Zaventem, Belgium, March 27, 2007–Integri, trusted and leading provider of IT solutions for testing and simulating electronic transactions, is proud to announce its know how and technology were chosen again by Banksys for the testing of the new “payment per GSM”- application, launched by all major players in Belgium.

Banksys (in charge of the authorization, the security and the guarantee of electronic payments in Belgium) and the 3 major Belgian GSM providers Proximus, Mobistar and BASE have very recently launched an application for payment per GSM.

A merchant can send a payment request by GSM. The customer receives via SMS a transaction request, indicating the merchant and the amount, and confirms with a personal m-banxafe PIN code. The m-banxafe application on the SIM card adds security to the transaction by applying cryptographic computation. The mobile providers’ SMS centers and several host systems at Banksys also play a role in a transaction

Integri has developed and tailored a dedicated test environment (set of specific tools) on its generic INQ platform, allowing Banksys to test their Host systems in the most professional and complete way, leaving no space for surprise. The tool plays the role of the provider (Proximus, Mobistar or BASE, each with specific parameters) exchanging XML and SMS messages with the Banksys hosts.

This test environment is not only used to test the actual payment between two GSMs, but also the enrollment of a GSM and bank account to the system, the use of a GSM to reload with its own prepaid amount, etc.

Integri has a proven and international renowned experience in providing state of the art test environments for payment per GSM, e.g. the SIMPAY project that was set up in various European countries. Furthermore Integri has dedicated and specialized test technology for the interaction with SIM cards and other smart cards. All this based on supplying for more than a decade the best testing technology to the financial industry, also for more traditional payment systems.

Being invited to contribute to the launch of this new technology in Belgium, Integri’s domestic market, is a confirmation of its longstanding high quality reputation in this field. Future evolutions with the potential addition of new functions will be no hurdle. With its flexible INQ platform Integri can easily adapt its existing dedicated test environment to follow this evolution.

About Integri

Integri NV was established in 1992 and is headquartered in Zaventem, Belgium. Integri is the leading global provider of IT solutions for testing and simulating electronic transactions. It offers a wide range of products, services and consulting for testing smart cards, terminals and hosts. For more than 10 years, Integri has led the market with its smart card (payment and SIM card) test tools. Its INQ Platform provides a fully integrated test and prototyping solution for testing smart card compliance, payment transactions, EMV (L1&L2) applications, GSM/UMTS applications, terminals and hosts. For more information, please contact: