KEBTechnology Introduces Latest NFC-Embedded Secure Element Solutions

KEBTechnology Introduces Latest NFC-Embedded Secure Element Solutions

Seoul, South Korea, September 15, 2011– KEBTechnology Co., Ltd., a leading smart card solution provider, today announced its latest development of an embedded secure element chipset combined with an NFC controller. The KONA eSE product family is based on the Samsung and NXP chip platforms, and it aims to meet the strong global demand for NFC-embedded secure element solutions among handset manufacturers. KEBTechnology has supplied more than 3 million NFC USIM cards, making the company the largest NFC USIM provider in the world. KEBTechnology is a key enabler behind the world’s first nationwide commercial NFC mobile payment service (South Korea, October 2010) as well as the Visa/MasterCard mobile payment service, mobile transit service, and mobile coupon service for KT, a leading telecom operator in South Korea.

The KONA eSE product family is fully compliant with Global Platform 2.2, JavaCard 3.0.1 specifications and all of the approved EMVCo certifications. As a single-package, end-to-end NFC solution, it allows mobile device manufacturers to integrate with ease all of the contactless and security functions required for a broad range of payment, identity, transport, and access control applications.

“KEBTechnology is committed to helping our customers accelerate the deployment of NFC technology across the globe by offering a broad portfolio of advanced NFC-based solutions”, said Mr. Cho Chung Il, CEO & President of KEBTechnology.

KONA eSE101 is currently being offered to select mobile handset manufacturers.

About KEBTechnology Co., Ltd.

KEBTechnology is a leading smart card solution provider based in South Korea with a growing global presence in more than 75 countries. Our NFC product line includes NFC USIMs, embedded secure elements integrated with an NFC controller, NFC Micro SDs, and TSM solutions. KEBTechnology leverages its solutions widely commercialized in the leading-edge South Korean mobile payment industry to facilitate the global adoption of NFC technology. KEBTechnology was nominated as one of the top 15 fastest growing companies in South Korea by Deloitte Consulting.

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