LaserCard CEO Robert DeVincenzi to Present “Multi-Technology Secure IDs: An Emerging Solution” at CEO & Investors Forum, ID WORLD 2010

LaserCard CEO Robert DeVincenzi to Present “Multi-Technology Secure IDs: An Emerging Solution” at CEO & Investors Forum, ID WORLD 2010

Multi-Purpose ID Credentials Represent New Wave in Government ID Programs

Mountain View, Calif., Nov. 15, 2010–LaserCard Corporation (NASDAQ:LCRD;, a leading provider of secure ID solutions, announced that Robert DeVincenzi, president and CEO of LaserCard, will speak about the emergence of advanced multi-technology ID solutions at the CEO & Investors Forum at ID World 2010 in Milan, Italy. DeVincenzi will participate in the Emerging Technologies session, to be held at 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010.

During his presentation, DeVincenzi will highlight the emergence of highly secure, multi-technology ID systems as cutting edge integrated ID solutions. Multi-technology secure IDs are attracting increased interest from governments worldwide as they seek to combine multi-functionality with the best attributes of today’s secure ID credentials: high security, durability, and ease of authentication–even without electronic readers–in applications ranging from e-government to Patient ID to border crossing.

“World-class ID programs require world-class identity credentials. The convergence of real-world demands, innovative manufacturing techniques and adaptable technologies is enabling this exciting concept to become a reality for an increasing number of governments,” said Robert DeVincenzi, LaserCard’s president and CEO. “Based upon LaserCard’s success in this area, we see multi-technology IDs as a powerful new breed of solutions that enables customized, multi-purpose programs with many potential benefits.”

DeVincenzi will describe the potential benefits of combining increased security, utility and intelligence on a single platform, including the ability to go beyond ID verification to provide a single-point solution for multiple user needs and the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government IDs. Increased ROI may be achieved through streamlined administration, reduced cost, improved user utility, more efficient service delivery and the potential to leverage existing infrastructure investments.

LaserCard’s innovative integration of its highly counterfeit-resistant optical security media platform with other mainstream smart card technologies on a single ID card is being adopted by governments around the world. DeVincenzi will discuss LaserCard’s new U.S. Green Card, the Carabinieri (Italian Police Force) ID Card and the Saudi Arabia National ID Card, which are models of the effective layering of multiple ID technologies in the highest security applications.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began issuing the new Green Cards, which feature LaserCard’s advanced optical security media, and for the first time, RFID tags for compliance with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. The United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) and USCIS official Sandra Schatz Landis were recently honored by GSN for the effectiveness of the new U.S. Green Card program.

The CEO & Investors Forum is a platform designed for industry leaders to present and debate their philosophies and the challenges of moving beyond today’s secure identity models and paradigms. More information on the CEO & Investors Forum is available at

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