LaserCard Receives Follow-On Order for Italy’s Foreign Resident ID Card Program

LaserCard Receives Follow-On Order for Italy’s Foreign Resident ID Card Program

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, July 22, 2009 – LaserCard Corporation (NASDAQ:LCRD), a leading provider of secure ID solutions, today announced receipt of a purchase order of approximately $1.5 million for the supply of ID cards for Italy’s Foreign Resident Card program. The order calls for deliveries to be completed during the current fiscal quarter, ending September 30, 2009.

“We are pleased to continue working with our partners and the Italian Government to support the ongoing demand for this critical secure ID program,” said Bob DeVincenzi, President and CEO of LaserCard Corporation. “Italy’s continuing investment in secure ID credentials based on optical memory underscores its commitment to protecting its internal security and the security of its borders through the valid identification of citizens, legal foreign residents and entrusted government employees.”

Italy’s Foreign Resident Card utilizes LaserCard’s tamperproof and highly counterfeit resistant optical memory technology in combination with other advanced security features, including the company’s Personalized Embedded HologramHD, a critical feature used by inspectors or agents when electronic readers are not available. The digital security of LaserCard’s optical memory has never been compromised. Italy’s national printer and mint, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato S.p.A. (Poligrafico), and the government’s prime contractor on the project, will add a contact IC chip to enable access to government services prior to personalizing and issuing the cards to authorized non-EU residents.

The purchase order was received from LaserCard’s Rome-based Authorized Value Added Reseller, Laser Memory Card S.p.A.

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