LGS Selects Thales’ SONET Datacryptor encryptors For Department Of Defense Deployment

LGS Selects Thales’ SONET Datacryptor encryptors For Department Of Defense Deployment

Weston, Florida, April 30, 2007–Thales, a global provider of cryptographic security products and services and ID management solutions to governments and financial networks announced today that LGS, a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent dedicated to serving the U.S. government community, will offer to deploy the Thales SONET Datacryptors as a part of the Army’s Infrastructure Modernization Program.

The first project to make use of the Thales Datacryptors is a network upgrade contract awarded to LGS by the U.S. Army for the Fort Hawaiian Enclave.

The Program Manager for Defense Communications and Army Switched Systems (DCASS) is responsible for the core data backbone infrastructure upgrades to Army installations around the world. PM DCASS is responsible for the execution of the Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP). This program’s objective is to seamlessly integrate voice, video and data into a single cohesive system. The Thales SONET Datacryptors will be deployed to secure critical portions of LANDWARNET. The SONET Datacryptors have minimal latency and will allow the network to operate at maximum efficiency while encrypting mission critical applications.

Thales’ state-of-the-art Datacryptor SONET/SDH OC-3/12/48 encryptors are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated, as this certification is a key requirement of encryption products to the U.S. Government. Thales continues to demonstrate its leadership and strength in the encryption marketplace, as it currently maintains over 30 FIPS product certifications for the Datacryptor product line.

“Security has become of critical importance to our customers so we are pleased that Thales Datacryptor products allow LGS to continue to deliver secure, high performance solutions for the Army”, said Ron Iverson, CEO, LGS. “We have ensured that their encryptors can be easily integrated into our solutions and work closely with them as they continue to upgrade and enhance their portfolio.”

The Datacryptor SONET devices are transparent to the SONET switching equipment and offer customers easy scalability and central management. Datacryptor products can be centrally managed by a single secure management application, the Thales Element Manager, which is a key differentiator enabling simplified operation and reduced training cost. Thales’ Datacryptor portfolio of encryption products (T1, E1, T3, E3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC-192 and Gigabit Ethernet) and solutions is highly recognized in the industry for securing the confidentiality of critical data in transit.

About Thales

Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, serving defense, aerospace and security markets worldwide, supported by a comprehensive services offering. Thales offers unmatched capability in the development and deployment of critical information systems. The group’s civil and military businesses develop in parallel to serve a single objective: the security of people, property and nations. Thales group employs 70,000 people in 50 countries and generated revenues of $13 billion in 2006.

The new Security Solutions & Services Division, operational since 5 January 2007, combines the businesses of Thales’s former Security and Services divisions with those of Alcatel-Lucent’s Transport Systems Division and Integration & Services Division. The new division makes Thales a world market leader in transport and security markets. Our security solutions and services activities around the world now generate revenues of about 4 billion dollars, with 20,000 employees in 35 countries.

Thales is a world leader in the provision of cryptographic security products and solutions for all critical infrastructures including governments, the military, satellite networks, enterprises and the finance industry. Thales has 40 years of unrivalled track record in protecting networks up to TOP SECRET and a complete portfolio of products which includes network encryption, access control and remote user solutions. In the financial world, Thales secures value bearing transactions, data preparation for card and PIN issuing, and provides advanced user and message authentication solutions supported by secure identity management and token issuing. Over half of the world’s banks, together with the majority of the busiest exchanges, currently use Thales technology and services.

About LGS

LGS designs and delivers Transformed Communications and R&D-based technology solutions to the U.S. government community. Leveraging the world-class R&D of Bell Labs and innovation of Alcatel-Lucent, with global reach and expertise, LGS challenges itself to solve the unsolvable and deliver secure, reliable, standards-based solutions to its customers. For more information about LGS visit http://www.LGSinnovations.com.


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