LifeMed ID Launches SecureReg ™ Patient Identity Product at HIMSS13

LifeMed ID Launches SecureReg ™ Patient Identity Product at HIMSS13

Citrus Heights, Calif.–LifeMed ID a leader in health information technology announces the launch of SecureReg ™ product at HIMSS 2013 in New Orleans. SecureReg ™ delivers patient identity, patient workflow, health IT interoperability, and continuity of care for healthcare providers. LifeMed ID’s platform is on the forefront in preventing duplicate medical records and overlays, connecting disparate health IT systems (EMR, EHR, ADT), and enabling portability of patient records.

SecureReg ™ Patient Identity System quickly and accurately manages patients through the registration process. The system automates registration, authenticates and identifies patients, and automatically invokes the correct medical record.

Dr. James James of the American Medical Association says, “LifeMed ID represents the single best platform in terms of acceptability, storage, durability, security, and privacy.”

The need for accurate patient identity occurs at the federal state and health care provider level. As electronic health information becomes more prevalent, the accurate and efficient matching of patients to health records is vital to the quality of health care. Incorrect matching can result in medical errors and compromise privacy and security. It results in avoidable expenses and decreased quality of medical care. More than ever, it is the top priority for health care providers to ensure patient safety is delivered at all stages of patient care.

David Batchelor, CEO, LifeMed ID states, “The lack of a standardized method for patient identity is compounded by challenges in patient information that is out of date or incorrectly recorded. Duplicates and overlays in patient records often result in wrong medical procedures and medications given to the patients contributing to the high cost of healthcare. LifeMed ID’s SecureReg ™ product has the unique ability to maintain clean records moving forward on an ongoing basis.”

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LifeMed ID, Inc. is a leader in providing healthcare systems and infrastructure to support patient registration, connectivity and shared data between multiple EMR/EHR/ADT systems, patient loyalty systems, and branded smart cards, to improve healthcare provider patient care, administrative efficiencies, and patient satisfaction.


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