LifeMed ID Partners with Resolute Health to Launch the Use of a Health Security Smart Card

LifeMed ID Partners with Resolute Health to Launch the Use of a Health Security Smart Card

Providing patients secure portable medical data in their wallet, paperless registration and vital medical data accessible by first responders in emergencies

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LifeMed ID , a “Health Security Smart Card” software company providing patient identity management solutions and medical record connectivity across entire provider systems and disparate groups, has deployed its SecureReg™ software at Resolute Health in New Braunfels, Texas. The Resolute Health BeneFIT card will be issued at the Resolute Health Center for Wellbeing and the Resolute Health Family Urgent Care Center.

LifeMed ID’s SecureReg™ is the nation’s leading multifaceted Smart Card solution that authenticates and accurately identifies patients and bridges disparate group data, unifying patient identity and current/historical medical data for Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Groups and entire Health Provider systems.

The SecureReg™ Patient Identity Management System quickly and accurately identifies and manages patients through the registration process. The system automates registration, authenticates and accurately identifies patients, automatically invokes the correct medical record using existing registration software and provides photo ID on card and registration screens…without keystrokes. The paperless registration and quick check-in significantly decreases patient wait times. With one swipe of their card the patient is instantly signed in at various registration points.

The SecureReg™ proven solution ensures that every patient is correctly matched to only one record number per location per visit–helping to eliminate duplicate and overlay records, keystroke errors, duplicate testing, medical and identity fraud, while contributing to patient safety and the security of patient information

The Health Security Smart Card allows First Responders access to a patient’s critical information including prescriptions, medical history, allergies, insurance, demographic, next of kin, advance directive as well as other key information on or offline. With the capacity to treat the patient effectively at the emergency scene and transmit the patient’s medical information to the emergency room, to alert ER staff of the incoming patient and the ER’s ability to prepare, further increase’s the critical patient’s chances of survival.

About Resolute Health

Resolute Health’s mission is to inspire and empower one another to engage in the pursuit of health and wellbeing for life. The Resolute Health BeneFIT Program will link patients to their physicians via the health information that will be shared in the LifeMed “cloud”, thus helping to decrease duplication of services, reduce costs and improve patient health outcomes.

“Working together, with partners such as LifeMed ID, we hope to help create healthier and safer communities in regards to accessing and sharing patient health information,” shared Tess Coody, Resolute Health CEO, “Improving access to and integration of community prevention and clinical services, and to eliminate health disparities for all the people we serve.”

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